With the Help of Pet Industry and Hadlow College New dog Grooming School Has Opened In Greenwich London!

With the Help of Pet Industry and Hadlow College New dog Grooming School Has Opened In Greenwich London!

In order to launch a brand-new dog grooming school in Greenwich, London, the Pet Industry Federation, the premier trade group for the pet industry, and Hadlow College in Kent, a college with a ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted, have expanded their joint venture.

Three years after the collaboration to run the dog grooming school situated at Hadlow in Kent began, the new, “state of the art,” school opens along Shooters Hill. City & Guilds credentials for dog groomers, which are acknowledged by the industry as offering the perfect basis for individuals starting a career in dog grooming, will be made available by the Hadlow PIF Greenwich Dog Grooming School.

new dog grooming school

This distinctive and fruitful partnership between business and education is maintained by the enterprise. Since 2013, Hadlow has had a location in Greenwich. This extension of the service creates new prospects for the region and strengthens the already strong relationships with the local community.

According to Nigel Baker, Chief Executive of the Pet Industry Federation, “The Hadlow PIF Greenwich dog grooming school provides a fantastic foundation for anyone seeking a career in dog grooming, by providing them with high quality facilities, good education, and a continuous supply of dogs.”

“This connection between higher education and business assures the highest teaching standards and makes it easier for recently trained groomers to enter the workforce.” Our trained and experienced groomers will be completely prepared with the skills and knowledge to enter the workforce and provide the best quality grooming and care for the dogs of the public, thanks to the efforts of the staff at our Greenwich school, led by team leader Sophie Marriott.


“Hadlow has always had a good reputation in respect to dog grooming, and the new school at Greenwich is evidence to the quality of education that our students get,” said Jessica Berry, head of faculty. There is little question that the new alliance will be advantageous for the whole sector.

The Hadlow PIF Greenwich Grooming School will be run on a for-profit basis and will run year-round without being restricted by the academic calendar, assisting more student groomers to succeed. Students may gain experience working in a business environment and have access to the most recent instructional resources in the fully equipped, contemporary dog grooming facility.

FAQ by People:

What do dog groomers in London make?

In London, a pet groomer makes an average hourly wage of £11.96.

How long does it take to train as a dog groomer?

Approx: 12- to 18 months

The path that provides hands-on education is finishing an apprenticeship in dog grooming. Both huge pet retail and grooming chains as well as tiny local businesses provide these. Throughout your apprenticeship, a skilled and knowledgeable groomer will be your coworker.

 How much money do UK dog groomers make annually?

The National Careers Service website states that dog groomers earn between £13,000 and £20,000 annually. However, since they are able to choose their own rates, independent dog groomers might earn more money. In the UK, the typical charge is between £20 and £30 per person.

Does the UK require a licence to groom dogs?

For establishments that provide pet grooming, no particular licences are required.

 I live in the UK. Can I groom dogs from home?

 In the UK, is it possible to establish a dog grooming company from home? Yes! It is definitely feasible to operate a dog grooming company from the comfort of your own home if you have enough space and a secure setting. You can save money by working from home, and your work schedule is more flexible.

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