(Why your dog has tangled hair and mats) (Eight Possible Steps to Untangle Matted Dog hair)

(Why your dog has tangled hair and mats) (Eight Possible Steps to Untangle Matted Dog hair)

Find out why your dog’s hair is tangled and matty and what you can do to fix it. This article will provide a quick comparison to help you understand why your dog’s hair is matted. Your dog may never again mat! You can groom a long-haired dog and still keep it clean. You must learn how to groom your dog at your home.

why your dog has tangled hair and mats: doggrooming.guru

Tangles and mats are more than just unsightly. They can also be painful and potentially dangerous to dogs’ skin. They can develop in the outer- or undercoat and may go unnoticed for several weeks. Painful sores may develop during this period. When mats begin to form, they tend to accumulate more hair, until the entire body becomes a mass.
Mats and tangles are most common in long-haired dogs, especially during the shedding season. If the dog isn’t groomed regularly, mats may form close to the skin as new hairs grow. The most susceptible areas to tangling are under the front legs, behind the ears and at the base the tail.

Prevention of Mat and Tangle

Brush your dog down to the skin in order to prevent mats or tangles. Brushing the outer coat is not enough. Mats can form in the inner coat. It is important to avoid irritating the skin by brushing it. Your dog will hate having to be groomed if you cause irritation. He will be less happy to groom if he doesn’t like it. This will cause him to become more difficult to handle and will result in a matted coat. You will need to take your dog to the groomer to have most of his coat shaved. Regularly groom your dog.

why your dog has tangled hair and mats: doggrooming.guru
Shampoos like this one can be used if your dog is prone to mats or tangles. Magic Coat(r),Tangles & Mats Shampoo it can be used to remove existing mats. It cannot remove existing mats but it will make your dog’s hair soft, manageable, and easier to comb. It has aloe Vera to deep moisturize the hair and a lovely violet scent.

Handling Mats and Tangles

You can’t just brush out a knotted or matted area. Spray the mat with a detangler or cornstarch and let it rest for a few minutes. A special tool such as the is also required.Magic Coat(r), Pro de-Matting Tool This tool is designed to detangle the entire body. The stainless steel blades of this implement can be used to remove dead hair and break up mats. You can hold the mat’s base in your hands and place your hand between your dog’s skin and the implement. This will prevent your dog’s skin being pulled while you remove the mat. Take your time and only work on a small amount at a stretch.

Use scissors in the worst case. You can isolate the mat by sliding one blade through its bottom. Then, cut upwards in a vertical movement (not horizontal) to expose the skin. Next, remove the rest of the mat. Even in the best circumstances, removing a mat from your dog’s skin can be painful. Talk gently with him and reward him for being calm.

You may need to take your dog to a professional groomer if the hair is matted to the skin. This is not something that most people should attempt to do on their dogs’ skin.

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Eight Possible Steps to Untangle Matted Dog hair

1. Assemble your tools.

You need the right equipment to conquer mats or tangles.

When dealing with tangles and mats, your best friends are a dematting tool, mat splitting tool and an slickerbrush. These tools can be purchased at pet supply stores or online.

2. Keep good products in your arsenal.

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You and your dog will be happier when you have the right products to help them detangle and demat. Cowboy Magic(r). Detangler & Shine is a great way to loosen hair that has become tangled and matted. After removing mats and tangles from your dog’s hair, you will need to shampoo it.Cowboy Magic(r).Rosewater Shampoo and Rosewater Conditioner are nearby.

3. Find the mats, and the tangles.

To find mats and tangles, brush your dog with the slicker. Mats can form below the ears, beneath the neck and along the back of the legs.

4. Use detangler.

Apply Detangler and Shine to any areas that are matted or tangled. Apply the product to the problem areas.

5. Use your fingers.

Use your fingers to work the mat or untangle the hair by gently pulling the hair apart one at a time. It is hard work but it will pay off if your perseverance. After working for a while, you may not be able to break through the mat. You can use the mat-splitting tool to get the mat out. Make sure you cut in the direction that your hair grows.

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6. Use your brush.

Once you have removed all traces of tangles or mats, you can use the slicker to finish the job. To remove tangles, brush one hair at a time. To loosen mats, you can brush in the direction your hair grows.

7. Take your dog to the bathroom.

After you have removed all tangles and mats, you can give your dog a bath. Make sure you get rid of all tangles and mats before you give your dog a bath. Water will only make it worse, making it harder and more difficult to remove. To clean your dog, use Rosewater Shampoo. Then, apply Rosewater Conditioner to dry it.

8. Prevent problems.

Apply Detangler & Shine after your dog has completely dried to prevent mats and tangles coming back. To prevent mats or tangles from developing in your dog’s swimming abilities, you can apply Detangler and Shine to his coat just before he enters the water.



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