(Why English Bulldogs are THE BEST) (Dog grooming)

(Why English Bulldogs are THE BEST) (Dog grooming)

There are many breeds of dogs, but none quite match the English bulldog. Although they may not be right for everyone, bulldogs are a great fit for people who see man’s best friend in a small, stocky, wrinkled, sleepy, and snorting, farting, dog. These are the top ten reasons you should own an English bulldog because:

why English bulldogs are the best

1. They are adorable

Yes, but I take it seriously. The wrinkles, the jowls and the saggy eye are all part of the Bulldogs’ charm. Bulldogs will melt you heart. Nothing is more satisfying than grabbing a huge head with wrinkles and putting a big kiss in the middle.

2. They are full of personality

A bulldog is never bored. The English bulldog will make you smile, whether it is filling your home in snoring that puts Uncle Dale to shame or interrupting your thoughts by its famous bodily functions.

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3. Bulldogs make the perfect dog for children.

They are calm and loyal, as well as being very lazy. They don’t mind a whining, yelling child. They will even allow a child to dress them in a tutu or cowboy hat, without lifting a finger.

4. To own one, you don’t have to be an Olympic Athlete

Are you tired of running? Do you prefer curling up on a couch? If you prefer to curl up on the couch, then the bulldog is your dog. They are not a good running partner, but they need to be exercised. They would rather run with their heads on your feet than do a little exercise.

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5. Bulldogs have talent

You think border collies deserve all the credit? You won’t see them riding a skateboard or surfing. Bulldogs are common though. Bulldogs have low centre gravity due to their size, but mostly it’s because they’re just plain cool.

6. They are stubborn

This could be a reason to not buy a bulldog, depending on your preferences. Some people love the bulldog’s stubbornness, but for others, it is a reason to love them. Nothing is more fun than your dog sitting on the sidewalk, refusing to move.

7. Their laughter is hilarious.

But seriously, you should look it up. You can find hundreds of videos showing bulldogs whining for your hamburger, or feeling entitled to your couch. There are no other dogs with such vocal chords.

8. Bulldogs make excellent watchdogs

They were bred to be bull fighters. Although they are not expected to fight bulls, they will protect their homes and families. They are loved as family dogs and are often kept as pets. While bulldogs are great for watching out for intruders, the American bulldog’s instinctive guarding nature may make him more than just a watchdog.

9. They won’t be aggressive towards you!

Bulldogs can look intimidating due to their size, but they are not violent with their families. They are lovers and not fighters. This brings us to the last reason to own an English bulldog.

10. Bulldogs bring the love

Bulldogs are simply adorable. For those with the right personality, bulldogs will be the best dog for you.

Histories and Other Related Question:

The English bulldog is named for its use in bull baiting. It may have been born in England sometime before the 13th century. The earliest mention of the sport is from 1209 and it talks about butcher’s dogs who chased a bull through Stamford, England. The earl of Stamford was so impressed by this pursuit that he made bull baiting a sport. The English bulldog is a great family pet today.

(Why are English bulldogs so loving?)

In short, English bulldogs Love to cuddle Because they are caring, loving and compassionate animals who share their emotions and require a lot attention. You might consider another breed if you are considering adopting an English bullie.

(What is good about English bulldog?)

Predictable and reliable The bulldog is a great family pet, and they are very affectionate with children. They are people-oriented and will actively seek out human attention. They are excellent watchdogs because they still have the courage they were originally bred for to bull bait.

(Are English bulldogs the best dogs?)

The English bulldog is a sweet, gentle disposition. The bulldog is reliable and predictable and a great family pet. They are also very loving and caring.  They are generally good with other pets but can be aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs.

(Are English bulldogs able to be attached to one another?)

People love English Bulldogs because – Bulldogs originated in England and were used for bull baiting. They are a… They love to cuddle up with their owners. They are very loyal. They are loyal pets who will always be there for their family members. They are able to live in apartments, but they need regular exercise.

(How far can you walk a English bulldog?)

English Bulldogs should be exercised at least once per day. Daily exercise should be done with the Bulldogs. Walk for around 20 minutes Limit your time to no more than 40 minutes per day. They can be hurt if they do more than that.





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