(Who Is Most Expensive Dog In The World?)

(Who Is Most Expensive Dog In The World?)

There are hundreds of most expensive dog breeds in the world, around 360 recognized dog breeds (perhaps more), each with their own unique features, personalities, and looks, and all equally essential. However, certain dog breeds in the UK are more expensive than others, and other expensive dog breeds are more difficult for a UK citizen to adopt. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most expensive dog breeds to adopt in the UK, not in any particular order.


The Samoyed is a herding dog breed that originated in Russia. They have a double layer coat that is usually white but may sometimes be biscuit in colour, and a unique curled tail that runs across their back. A Samoyed puppy in the UK may cost approximately £3000; they are exceedingly rare, making them one of the most expensive dog breeds. But don’t be thrown off by the price!

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They are extremely sociable, seldom aggressive, and have a lively demeanour even as they age. They are excellent companions for little children and other pets because to their friendly disposition.



Löwchens, also known as Little Lion Dogs, come in second on our list; a puppy may cost approximately £2000 and is frequently difficult to obtain due to their scarcity. There were just 65 specimens of this breed recorded worldwide in 1976. A member of the Bichon family, these dogs are frequently presented with a Lion cut (thus the name Little Lion Dog), with the back legs and base of the tail shaved but the shoulders and front legs left longer, giving the dog a mane-like look. Löwchens, known for their intelligence, are healthy and cheerful dogs who make excellent home companions.

Chow Chows:

Chow Chows are a dog breed that originated in northern China. Chow Chows have a unique look with their broad heads and thick fluffy double coats; they have a squared profile and are stocky powerful canines. Chow Chows have an aggressive reputation because to their size and protective attitude, and are even prohibited in several places in the United States.

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They may be possessive of their owner and necessitate the formation of a relationship with training from a young age. Despite this, they have a wide range of personalities and can be resistant to training; however, with early socialisation, they can alter to be more welcoming of canines of the same sex and unknown humans. Chow Chows puppy cost in UK is around about £2500.

Tibetan Mastiff (Most Expensive Dog):

One of the world’s largest breeds (an adult male can weigh over 70 kg). Technically, the Tibetan Mastiff became the most expensive dog in the world in 2011 when a rare red Tibetan Mastiff named ‘Big Splash’ was purchased for a whopping $1.5 million. Since then, even higher prices have been reported at rare pet fares in China, but these prices are disputed and may be a marketing ploy by breeders.



Nonetheless, a pure-bred puppy in the UK may cost up to £4000. As the name implies, they are Tibetan in origin, and owing to their cold-resistant extra-long insulating coat and frightening stature, they make ideal nocturnal guard dogs.

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A West African sight hound developed especially for game hunting, they are tall and fast (running at speeds of up to 65km/h!) and exceedingly rare in Europe, adding to their value. In the United Kingdom, an Azawakh puppy may cost up to £2300. These canines, which originated in and near the Sahara desert, are muscular and slender, and they are clearly more comfortable in hot temperatures.


They are, nevertheless, loyal, kind, and regal in demeanour, and are typically highly healthy and robust canines with fast healing powers. Azawakhs require regular exercise, including off-leash sprints in wide places, and are prone to pursuing small animals if not properly taught.

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