Taking care of small dogs-How to raise a small dog

Taking care of small dogs-How to raise a small dog

The main topic of the article is “Taking care of small dogs or what do you need for a small dog or simply how to raise a small dog” I love big dogs, but small dogs are also attractive. Many people choose small dogs as their partners because they look cute and their lifestyle seems to suit them. It has an image that it is relatively easy to control and take care of, and while there are many points that it feels easier than large dogs, there are not a few points that small dogs have to be careful about.

taking care of small dogs
dog grooming-taking care of small dogs

Here is detailed below of the ‘small dog care ‘that puppies have in common.

  1. Hold firmly

A dog fall accident is one of the most common accidents. It is not uncommon for a major accident to suffer from sequelae, such as when the landing location is bad or there is a problem with the landing method. Even veteran owners may have a chilling experience when dogs get excited and rampage.

taking care of small dogs

Owners who often hug themselves should consider using slings, carriers, bags, etc. If you can meet good gear, both dogs and their owners can rest assured.

  1. Use slopes and steps

Small dogs are often injured when jumping on or off furniture. Jumping and jumping are the causes of damage to the nails, sprains, and sometimes rupture of the inter-vertebral disc and hernia. Even if you are not symptomatic now, it is quite possible that daily accumulation will lead to future inconvenience. You can reduce this worry a little by installing slopes and steps near your dog’s favourite furniture.

  1. Use a harness

Each dog has its own gear. It’s not that “this is good”, but considering the burden on the neck, a harness seems to be better for small dogs. Their pretty and delicate neckline is very delicate.

how to raise small dogs

However, on the other hand, it is also a small dog that pulls the reed and creates a hanging situation by himself. A harness that protects your neck will relax your curiosity.

  1. Look at them and check their safety

For example, the height of a Chihuahua is about 15-23 cm. The world they see is completely different from ours. If you are an owner who wants to be safe, sometimes drop your eyes to the height of your dog and experience their world. It is easy to understand that a small step or a drainage net lid (grating) is a major obstacle. Looking down is also helpful in creating a dog friendly house’. There was something I didn’t want to put in my mouth under the sofa or bed! What a discovery you may have.

  1. Always keep track of your dog’s whereabouts

In Japan, you are obliged to wear a lead when you go out, so I don’t think you’ve been kidnapped if you let them play freely. In some cases , a really small puppy was suspected of being kidnapped by a crow while playing in the yard . Mooring at the time of “a little shopping” is also more dangerous for small dogs. Just as you can hug, it is possible for a malicious person to hold you and kidnap you. Always keep track of your dog’s whereabouts.

  1. Keep an eye on when playing

When a small dog plays with someone, don’t forget to keep an eye on it. You must be careful about accidents and injuries, especially when playing with opponents who cannot control their strength, such as small children and large dogs. When you bring your dog into contact with a small child, let’s enjoy the time together while teaching them how to touch it gently. Also, there are many small dog bites caused by large dogs, so be careful when playing. If you’re playing in a dog run or other place where dogs are free, choose a facility where the fields are divided according to the size of the dog.

  1. Make good use of the crate

The good thing about small dogs. Obviously, it’s “small”, isn’t it? If you get in the back, it will be with you everywhere. The lightness of the footwork (?) Is a big attraction for them. Take advantage of this size and make good use of the crate when you want to take a rest or stay calm. When using ‘poisonous things’ such as driving by car, cleaning time and repairs. By carrying it in a crate, you can create a happy situation where you are “close but safe”.

  1. Enjoy fashionable winter clothes

Cute pet dogs are not good at cold weather. There are pros and cons to dressing dogs, but for small dogs you can say “necessary”.

taking care of small dogs

Use warm clothing positively to keep you cool in the middle of summer and to keep your body warm in the colder months. If you want to wear it anyway, wear a cute one that looks good on your dog.


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