(Shih Tzu Puppies): (Shih Tzu Puppy Haircuts Style)

(Shih Tzu Puppies): (Shih Tzu Puppy Haircuts Style)

Shih Tzu Puppy is one of the oldest breeds that originated from China. The name of this breed is translated as a dog-Lion or a dog-Beauty. And it’s really true! Shih Tzu Puppies have an amazingly cute face and gorgeous elegant coat.

Shih Tzu puppies conquered us with their cheerful character and loyalty. However, these dogs are very stubborn. Did you know that Shih Tzu Puppy has more in common with a wolf than a shepherd dog?

Shih Tzu Puppy Haircuts Style

Today I have a Shih Tzu grooming. This boy doesn’t like to be groomed so I’ll be very careful and gentle with him. In general, he behaves well when I give him a haircut. This Shih Tzu puppy doesn’t have very thick coat. Therefore, I’m using a longer blade. I’m using blade Andis 4 FC.

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For bathing, I’m going to use volumizing shampoo “Davis Grubby dog”. For bathing head, I use only super cleansing shampoo ”Groomer’s edge ultimate”. This will make your haircut easier.

If you want to see the instruments and care products I’ve used for this grooming,  click pause when you see a pop-up sign “my stuff”. And to create beautiful legs, I’ll use straight scissors Rose Line and Geib black Perl. Sometimes I shave the bridge of Shih Tzu’s nose.   But the owner needs to know that the coat will grow back in a month.  It means this procedure needs to be done regularly; otherwise the coat will bother the dog.

Moreover, I am sharing with you best groomer experience for Shih Tzu Puppies grooming. Dear readers I’m going to show you how we will groom the head of a Shih Tzu puppy here today.

The last groom this dog had I did not do this is muttley I could see a lot of bulk hair above his ears, a lot of bulk hair too we’re going to give him a nice round Shih Tzu face today okay I’m going to show you how we do that we’re also going to even up these ears.

Shih Tzu Puppy Haircuts Style

I can tell they need a little work they look a little uneven so we’re going to fix all that together right buddy. I’m going to start by using my wall snap on comb this is an a tip his nose down a little I’m going to come straight towards his visor with an a comb and I’m using this a comb over a 10 blade. Now I’m going to come straight over where the ear sets to the head and that’s as far as I’m going to go with my snap on comb on the top of the head.

Currently I’m going to pull the ear back and out of the way and I’m gonna take everything from below his jaw is what I clipped so everything that’s left in our head assembly I’m gonna bring it up towards the eye with my a snap on cone this is still an a snap on comb see that it’s not taking much so now we’ve set the length on his cheeks.

We’re gonna tip his little chin up and we’re gonna do the same length under his chin and up to his nose. So we are taking this snap-on comb this a snap-on comb and setting all our length on the head of mutley who is a Shih Tzu and he’s a very nice boy too there.

We go now i’m going to vent the ears of our little Shih Tzu here which is basically just taking the hair off of his earlobe. Just off the earlobe that’s it just off the earlobe which is right here. I’m just venting and now we’re gonna take a five and one clipper set to a 15 blade and an inverted v shape. I’m going to clear just in front of his eye it’s okay buddy.

And we’re kind of doing this in a scooping motion like this good job i’m going to use a thinning shear in there too guys. So we’ll tidy all that up but in an inverted v shape, we are really cleaning out the stop area here for our beautiful little Shih Tzu puppy.  Thus, the only thing left to do now guys is scissor finish work we have set the length on the head the cheeks and on the muzzle good. We’ve cleaned out the eyes and we’ve vented the ears now we’re going to do scissor finishing work.

Now the first thing i’m going to do here with mutley is we’re going to tidy this up right here with a kenji lightning thinning shear in the same inverted v-shape. I am scissoring slightly towards his nose carefully not bouncing with my shears i’m holding my arm straight. And i’m just defining that inverted v that i kind of set with my clipping work.

We are opening up the eyes on this beautiful boy good job it’s looking much better you can use a straight shear for that. If you’d like to that’s okay too so now we’ve cleared that out it is absolutely my pleasure to share with you the secrets of the dog grooming industry. So you can provide quality care for your beloved dogs at home.

If you’re new to my website then please comments with your thoughts because together we are going to increase the bond you share with your pet and add even more value to their lives. Now the next thing i’m going to do with mutley is comb his visor forward tilt his head slightly down. And from the corner of the side to the corner of the side we’re trimming the visor i’m leaving a little bit of bang there, so to speak we’ve already cleaned everything out there very nicely.

And that inverted v shape which is what opened up his eyes so that’s that good boy. Now on muttley i’m going to set the shape from the base of the ear around to the nose. I’m doing that with a straight shear we’re not taking a whole lot remember our snap-on comb set our length for us. Quite nicely we’re just defining our shape a little better now.

It’s okay big boy good job and we’re gonna do the same thing fix that right there. We’re going to do the same thing on this side too i’m going to fold this ear back gently. we’re going from the corner of the ear and a u-shape around to the tip of the nose kind of that’s the shape that we’re creating. And now i’m going to use my thinning shear you could still use a straight shear but i’m blending in a circle shape up to the top skull area.

Just i’m creating a circle shape like this you can. I’m going to hold their little nose shut we don’t want his little tongue coming out. we gotta be careful of that i love to use my thinners my blenders. in this area it just does a beautiful job i’m gonna blend off some of this staining here. so it looks like it never even was there and i’m going to clean all this off right in front of his ear. this is all helping to vent the ear so now when i lay the ear back i have created my shape very nicely.

Now above the ear i’m going to roll roll the hair over my finger which is under hair and i am just blending off what pops up with a blending shear. a thinning shear holding the ear forward we’re going to tidy up behind the ear right at the base of the ear tidy. all that up you can also do this with a straight shear and again. we’re just using our blending shears to kind of create the shape we want as if we were scissoring with our blending shears. so this half of the face is done we’re going to do the same thing on this side of muddly space venting the ear.

If you’re not comfortable with your thinners yet you can use a straight scissor to do all this work. and so it’s just fine i love my blending scissor it just this is where in my opinion the art the artwork comes in these blending scissors they just make this look so soft.

And like such a little masterpiece we vented this ear very nicely so he gets air to to his ear keep it healthy, flip this little ear back. and we’re going to clean everything up there you could still use a straight shear guys remember that i’m using a thinner and then we’re going to roll that ear over my finger which is underneath pop out all the hair on right at the ear set and we are just making it disappear with our thinning scissors blending it off you’re such a good boy sweetie now i’m going to use my blender

i just combed forward you’re always needing to use this comb guys the hair is just going to keep popping out all over the place i’m using my blender to go ahead and blend that scissor line that i created at his visor just so it looks more Natural he is so beautiful now i’m going to tilt muttley’s chin up and i’m going to tidy up with my blenders in a scissor action i’m going to tidy up everything completing the line under his jaw looks nice when he tilts his head up no matter how he’s looking it all looks very tidy and very professional.

Then we’re going to just pull back that lip i’m going to thin this in hair. you don’t have to do this if you’re not comfortable be very conscientious of that tongue coming out. i like to do this to keep it thinner you could also run a 10 blade right along there just the corner of your ten blade just to tidy that up food and other things like to stick in there. so that’s the only reason comb everything forward continue looking at your shape notice i have my thumb on his stop i’m kind of directing him and he is such a good boy he really is a wonderful dog to work with this is the first time.

That i’m working with him one of my customers rescued him they have a havanese and now they have little mutley the shih tzu they rescued him about three months ago good job now i’m going to do my scissor over comb technique just to blend here at the base of the skull where I pull the hair up with my scissors and I blend off anything that i’m not liking the comb is kind of pulling the hair up for me and where it pops out i can clearly see what doesn’t belong you can also just comb forward and use your blenders and and a scissor action scissor that off now the only thing that’s really left to do hair with muttley is to finish his ears his ear length is a bit uneven so the first thing.

Shih Tzu Puppy Haircuts Style

I want to do is i want to have him looking straight i want to mark right in the front where i want that length to be set. so they’re the same so I i marked it here i’m coming straight over and i’m going to mark this hair. now i know that that’s where i want the ear length to be i want him looking forward and straight not up forward and straight. i’m going to comb this down gently and i’m going to connect that line and they’re a little bit uneven back here we’re going to let that fill in now i’m going to take my blending shears you don’t have to do this step.

I’m going to hold this straight and i’m just going to fine tune the edge of this so it just looks so natural. and that’s it the what’s left of this ear to shape. we’ve already removed what we needed to remove back hair at the base by holding the ear up and we’ve already removed what we needed hair at the front. so now when we comb the ear down this is the rest of the ear that we are just trying to shape you want to let the ear hang and you want the dog to look straight.

And i you know i’m just holding him here like this that’s all so that i can scissor this nice and straight you could use a straight scissor hair. i’m using a blender i’m just trying to make that look nicer it was very uneven. i’m going to do the same thing on this side. i’m looking to just even up right to that line that little notch that i made it’s okay and see I have a hold of him right in front of his chinny chin chin i need him to be still if i wasn’t holding him.

He would be free freely moving himself about and then i can’t get a nice straight look on this ear. so right now i’m holding his cheek just holding him. so he stays still and i need him looking straight and we’re just tidying that up right at the line. so good buddy so proud of you i just love working with him he’s wonderful he’s so loving too i can’t imagine.

Why anybody would get rid of him maybe something happened to his owner that’s so sad. i don’t know why they ended up being able to rescue him why he was at a rescue. but he was he certainly doesn’t seem to have been mistreated i’ll say that so i think he had a pretty good life wherever he came from he’s a good boy so his ears are even let’s take a nice 360 look at him you.

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