Shelter to relieve your dog’s stress-Help a stressed Dog

Shelter to relieve your dog’s stress-Help a stressed Dog

Shelter to relieve your dog’s stress/ How to Help a stressed dog– Many dogs are happy to be around people, but sociable dogs also need a place to stay private. The existence of a shelter and escape place where you can escape if something happens will support your dog’s heart.

how to help stressed dog

Today is the story of this dog shelter. I will summarize why it is necessary and what kind of place is ideal.

Why you need a shelter

Relieve stress

Even dogs, who usually spend their time relaxing on the sofa or cushion, take action to hide in the face of sounds, things, and events that they are not good at. For example, when a human quarrel breaks out, our dog evacuates to his own crate. Evacuation shelters are necessary to relieve stress from stressful objects, sounds, and other people.

For recovery of physical strength

A place to relax is also necessary for the dogs to recover their physical strength. For puppies and old dogs who are not very well at the time of the visitor or party, be careful to intentionally use the shelter and take time to recover.

Give peace of mind and confidence by giving choices

Evacuation Giving a shelter gives the dog a choice. You don’t always choose that location, but “there is a place to escape. You can always go on your own initiative” is a source of security and confidence for dogs.

Shelter to relieve your dogs stress

If there is a stress sign, use the “shelter”

If you are “unusual”, such as a visitor or a party, don’t overlook the signs of stress and actively use the shelter to rest your dog. Their behavior, which seems cute to humans, may also express “tired,” “scary,” and “disliked.”

A hint to read your dog’s feelings is to look at one or more of the following signs and signals at the same time: If two or three appear together, it’s likely that you’re trying to convey some message.

  • Calming Signals: Licking lips, yawning, opening eyes (peeling white eyes), bristling, shivering, defeating ears, lowering / hiding tail
  • Stiffen your body: A sign of tension, alertness to your surroundings.
  • Backtrack | Hide: Trying to avoid stressors and dangerous things and things to ensure safety
  • Growling: A clear sign that your dog feels anxious or scared and needs shelter.
  • If you have more than one pet, prepare an evacuation site for each
  • Let’s study what kind of place you like (do you feel relieved) from the usual situation of your dog. It’s better to have a place that is protected by the corners and walls of the room, not a place where people pass.
  • Practice spending time in the shelter before a visitor or party. Make time to use toys and guys to remind them that they can feel at ease here.
  • Have your dog’s favorite blanket, toys, and a bed ready.
  • When your dog is spending time in a shelter, be careful not to leave it alone. Ask your family and guests not to disturb your dog when you are resting in this place.

One of the benefits of creating a safe shelter on the part of the owner is that in addition to making the dog feel at ease, it is possible to verify “when the dog feels stressed enough to evacuate”. If you realize that if you put out a vacuum cleaner, you will escape to a shelter, you can identify that you are not very good at vacuum cleaners.

Make good use of the shelter in your daily life, and at the time of visitors and parties, to protect the mental stability of your beloved dog.

Requirements of safe heaven

 Creating space other than a cage

Other than the problematic behavior while you are away, the owner may be concerned about whether your dog can stay safe and healthy indoors. Especially in midsummer and midwinter, I am worried about the room temperature while I am away and accidents. So, let’s introduce the points of creating an environment suitable for an answering machine.

 Control room temperature

Indoor temperature control is also an important point. The room temperature, which is said to be comfortable for dogs, is about 22 to 25 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is about 50%. There is a risk of accidents and fires due to falls on the stove. The air conditioner is safe because there is a possibility of accidents such as biting the outlet with hot carpets and electric blankets. It’s a good idea to have a blanket on cold days.

Ensure safety

The most important thing is to keep the room safe. Do not place anything that could lead to mischief or accidental ingestion within the reach of your dog. It is also important to remove your dog’s collar so that it does not get caught in furniture. However, it is difficult to eliminate everything such as outlets and furniture, and home appliances. In such a case, it is effective to utilize a circle or to separate the shared space with dogs and the human-only space.

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