(Responsibilities of a DOG FEEDER) (Automatic Feeder)

(Responsibilities of a DOG FEEDER) (Automatic Feeder)


The Feeder’s primary responsibility is to feed Dogs, including cleaning and disinfecting kennels as well as maintain common dog room area.

DOG FEEDER/CLEANER The job’s focus:

Feeder/Cleaner Volunteers are responsible for feeding dogs, cleaning and disinfecting kennels, and maintaining Dog Room. Both morning and evening shifts.

Reports to: Shift supervisor

Requirements for Volunteer Orientation, Dog Level 1 training, and 1st 2 volunteer shifts with mentor Tasks

For more information and specific feeding instructions, check your kennel cards.

Follow the instructions to prepare meals. Safely enter the kennel and give each dog its correct meal. Mark the kennel cards with correct information.

* Hands must be washed and sanitized.

* Wash dishes.

* Provide fresh bedding and toys for the kennels after cleaning and disinfecting them.

Basic skills

You must be able read, write, listen, and communicate well.

* Must be able follow established instructions.

* Attention to detail is a must.

* You must be able and willing to work with others.

* Previous experience with animals is a plus, but all training will be provided.

* Physical Requirements

You must be able stand for extended periods of time and can walk quickly.

* Must be able bend at the waist, knees and lift 30 lbs.

* Work Environment:

Rapid rate of exposure to potential hazards, including animal waste, disinfectants and high levels noise. Potential for animal bites or scratches. Diseases that can be transmitted to humans from animals.

On a daily basis, a wide range of cleaners, disinfectants and medical products can be used. You will receive specific instructions on how to use them.

Time commitment

Weekly shifts of 2-3 hours for a minimum of 3 months

Automated Feeders

We all love our dogs but sometimes we have to leave them alone. It can be difficult for both of you to be away from your dog, whether you need to work late or your dog walker is sick. There is one thing we can do for our dogs to make their lives easier: get them on a regular food schedule.

responsibilities of a dog feeder

It is not only healthier for your dog to eat at the same time each day, but it can also help you live a more comfortable life. Dogs that eat on a regular schedule are more likely to have accidents. A regular diet can help you detect if your dog is sick. Often, a lack in appetite is the first sign your dog is sick.

Consider these things before you buy an auto dog feeder

Consider your current routine and feeding habits. Do you rush home to feed your dog? Are they more likely to eat smaller meals or one large meal a day? Do you prefer digital systems or automatic timers that release the food? Do you think it is important to have a manual option? It all depends on you and your pet’s preference.

It is worth considering bonus features! You can get a dog feeder with many other perks that make it easier to be apart, such as video cameras, phone status updates, and fun food games to keep your dog happy.



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