(Pakistani Bully Dog: Pakistani Bully Dog Price)

(Pakistani Bully Dog: Pakistani Bully Dog Price)

Pakistani Bully Dog Price: पाकिस्तानी बुली डॉग की कीमत

The price of a Bully dog or kutta in Pakistan vary from area and dog to dog, anyhow, bully dog/ puppy price in Pakistan is about Rs.50,000/ to 10,00000/.

This Large dog breed has its roots in the 16th century Indian subcontinent. A working dog used for both hunting and guarding, the Bully Kutta. The variety is highly-liked in Tamil Nadu as well as the Punjab area of India and Pakistan, which includes Haryana, Delhi, Bahawalpur and Multan Division.

pakistani bully dog price

Bully Kutta means “heavily wrinkled dog” in English. The basic term “Bohli,” which meaning highly wrinkled in the Hindustani and Punjabi languages, is where the name “Bully” originates. In Hindi and Urdu, “Kutta” is the word for dog. In Pakistan, India, and other countries of the world, the Pakistani Bully Dog, also known as the Bully Kutta is one of the most favorite breeds. This big dog, often known as the “Beast from the East” is mostly employed/ used for hunting and guarding.

The size and toughness of the Sindhi mastiff, which resembles the mastiff, are noteworthy. Black and white with spots of red make up the colour scheme. The coat is long and thick, the tail curls up, and it is bushy.

Little Bit About Pakistani Bully:

Desi Name:

Bully, Bully Kutta

Other Well Known Names:

Pakistani Bully, Indian Bully, Pakistani Mastiff, Indian Mastiff, Sindh Mastiff, Alangu Mastiff, Bohli Kutta, PBK, or simple Bully

Breed Type: Giant or Big

Related Breed Group:

Bulldog, Pit Bulls and American Bullies, Guard dog, Fighting dog etc


India and Pakistan

Average Weight:

60 to 90 Kg for Male and Female: 55 to 90 Kg

Average Height:

75 to 105 cm for Male and Female 76 to 95 cm


White, Black, White and Black, White and Brown, Brindle, Brown, Fawn, Harlequin, and Piebald


Short and smooth coat breed

Aggressive or very aggressive

Lifespan: Almost 08 to 10 years

Puppy Price: Vary Dog to Dog, but estimated Price: $200 to $1200


This breed is No Hypoallergenic

Expected Puppies:

03 to 05

Bully Kutta Types:

  • Aseel
  • Mastiff
  • Modern
  • Ancient
  • Nagi

Bully Dog Biography:

Either the Sind area of mediaeval India or the Thanjavur and Tiruchi regions of Madras are where the Bully Kutta first appeared. The Bully Kutta was a beloved pet of the royal family in Thanjavur. Akbar, the Mughal ruler, employed a Bully Kutta for hunting.

(Pakistani Bully Dog):(Pakistani Bully Dog Price At Dog Grooming!)

The Indian Mastiff was one of several dog breeds on display at the Second International Dog Show at the Islington Agricultural Hall on May 28, 1864, in London. A Newfoundland, Russian Tracker, two Borzois, and an Indian Mastiff were entered in the same exhibition the year before by Edward, the Prince of Wales, and Princess Alexandra. According to Littell’s Living Age, in the past, rulers would use a “big Indian mastiff” “in the pursuit of wild creatures.”

Additionally, historians claim that Jalaluddin Akbar, one of the most well-known Mughal emperors, owned a Bully dog that was trained for hunting. Bully Kuttas also had several appearances in 1880s international dog exhibitions, according to records.

Top 13 Pakistani Bully Names:

13 best/ famous names of 2023 for Pakistani Bully.

  • 9 Lakhia
  • Pappo
  • Shaka
  • Bully
  • Dumble
  • Rocky
  • Rambo
  • Arnold
  • Bang
  • Rock
  • Zoro
  • Hulk
  • Badshah

Bully Dog Known as Fighting Dog:

In India, including places like Delhi, Gurugram, and Noida, Bully Kuttas have been used illegally for dog fighting. The first First Information Report (FIR) was filed by Indian Punjab police in June 2018 against dog fight organisers. Currently, a large number of nonprofit groups are opposing unlawful fighting and raising public awareness.


Famous Bully Kutta Breeders are as below in Pakistan and India:

  • Hazara Breeder in Pakistan
  • Mad Lines in Pakistan
  • Kennels India in India

Health Issues:

Only Pakistan and India are home to the Bully dog, and we hardly ever see one of these powerful dogs outside of the subcontinent. As a result, there isn’t much information on their health on the internet and other relevant forums. However, by thoroughly examining the health-related problems of other Bully breeds like Pit Bulls and American Bullies, we may obtain a better understanding of how they are doing. Bully Kuttas should also get regular vaccinations and checkups from a veterinarian because they are susceptible to typical dog illnesses and ailments.

Hip Dysplasia:

Hip dysplasia is a malformation of the ball and socket joints of the hip. In dogs, it can result in debilitating agony. If it is not detected at a young age, it might lead to more complicated problems. Additionally, it is advised to screen the dogs for hip dysplasia before to breeding. In this manner, it will be simpler to cure your Bully Kutta of Hip Dysplasia.

Congenital Heart Disease:

Congenital heart disease, which can damage one or both heart sides, is another condition common to bully breeds. In order to prevent congestive heart failure or cardiac damage, it should be identified and treated early because it is a hereditary illness.

Common Skin Problems:

Bully dog may have a variety of skin conditions, including eczema, seborrhea, and acute moist dermatitis. These skin conditions typically appear when dogs have inadequate personal hygiene. Veterinarians advise keeping Bullys clean to prevent skin disorders.


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