Natural remedies for anxious dogs-How to treat separation anxiety in dogs

Natural remedies for anxious dogs-how to treat separation anxiety in dogs

This article is very informative and interesting for readers but sad for dog. However, I will discuss in this article “natural remedies for anxious dogs, how to treat separation anxiety in dogs and what can I give my dog for anxiety”. We often hear stories of dogs that become very anxious when they are separated from their owners, mischief, and bark. There are various causes of these symptoms, such as environmental factors and personality.

natural remedies for anxious dogs

Take the time to take measures against anxiety dogs

For dogs that quickly become anxious, training and environmental conditions can be used to control their symptoms. For example, the most common separation anxiety (falling alone) can be gradually improved with Positive reinforcement, a training method that compliments favorable behavior and repeats the same behavior.

However, for dogs with anxiety properties, stressful situations must be removed before training. There is no silver bullet that turns anxious or timid dogs into scary dogs, but there are some natural ways to change them over time.

In order to deal with anxious dogs, it is important to know the source of anxiety. Can’t you be left alone? How about being trapped in a room? Some dogs are frightened by the loud noise. You may be afraid of changes in the environment such as movement, specific objects, or certain types of people.

Knowing the cause of such frightening will tell you how to treat it. For example, healing music may be useful for dogs with separation anxiety, but it does not have much effect on dogs that become anxious in crowded areas. For dogs with extreme symptoms, drugs that suppress the symptoms are also available at veterinary clinics, but they can have strong side effects, so try the natural method first.

please try it! 7 natural remedies

  1. Exercise

Exercise is known to be a great stress reliever for humans, but it is the same for dogs. First, it stimulates the secretion of serotonin, a substance in the brain that makes you feel better. In addition, it releases the suppressed energy and tension that exacerbates anxiety.
Burning the dog’s energy to the full, such as when the owner rides a bicycle and runs the dog, takes a long walk, or plays sports together, reduces the problems caused by separation anxiety and neurosis. There is even a British saying, “A tired dog is a good dog.”

  1. Distract

If your dog gets nervous in certain situations, such as fireworks, lightning, or congestion, it’s a good idea to distract from it.

Focus on what you’re used to, rather than a strange environment that scares your dog. It’s not time for new discipline. Give simple commands such as sitting and lying down, and if you can do it well, give a reward and praise.
If you like eating dogs, get your attention with toys like treat balls. This connects the noise and the approaching strangers with your precious rewards, making it tolerable even with less scary things.

  1. Relax massage

A slow, constant rhythm massage can help relieve anxiety in dogs.

relax massage

As a massage method for dogs, the T-touch devised by Linda Torrington Jones, which strokes the whole body in a circular motion with fingers and hands, is famous. It activates the function of cells and awakens cellular intelligence. As a result, the dog is relaxed.

  1. Thunder shirt

Thunder Shirts, a product of Thunder Works of the United States, are popular goods for anxiety measures in dogs. Wear it around the dog’s body to give it a solid fit. Although not scientifically proven, persistent oppression is thought to calm the dog’s nerves to anxiety about movement and noise.

Thoughts on its effectiveness vary from owner to owner. It will change depending on how you use it and when you use it. It may be more effective when used in combination with other natural measures. In Japan, you can purchase it at and others.

  1. Healing music

People are not the only ones who calm down with healing music. Many owners leave their TVs and radios on to calm their dogs when they are away from home. In particular, music that calms anxious dogs is included in the dog CD, “Through a Dog’s Ear.”

natural remedies for anxious dogs
The content is a simplification of auditory data to the minimum by stripping away the complex sound information found in many music. This CD calms the dog’s nerves in situations such as separation anxiety and mobility anxiety. You can also calm a dog with noise phobia.

  1. Dog Sedation Pheromone (DAP)

The smell can also calm the anxiety of dogs.

DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone), a substance secreted from the vicinity of the mammary glands of lactating mother dogs, is said to calm puppies and strengthen the bond between parents and children. Studies have shown that DAP works for puppies, but it’s still unclear whether it works for adult dogs with anxiety. However, it is worth trying as one of the countermeasures.

  1. Rescue Remedy Supplement

If you use supplements, consult your veterinarian before giving them to dogs, even if the ingredients are natural.

rescue remedy supplement

Rescue Remedy is a popular herbal supplement to relieve anxiety. Contains natural herbs and flower extracts to soothe nerves. We have various types from dripping type to add to food to spray type. Other famous products include Animal Essentials’ tranquillity blend.

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