(Merry Christmas and Happy New Year: Goldendoodle Merry Christmas Eve)

(Merry Christmas and Happy New Year: Goldendoodle Merry Christmas Eve)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year: Goldendoodle Merry Christmas Eve-On this special occasion of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well as Merry Christmas Eve, how we can ignore our furry friend Goldendoodle and his gifts. Does finding the greatest presents for a Goldendoodle on at merry Christmas and happy New Year or merry Christmas eve. Then take a minute to relax your tired paws. We have your back.

You’ll discover our tried-and-true top picks, which have been vetted by dog moms and Goldendoodles. You’ll also discover a few brand-new items that are on our own Christmas wish list.

Gift suggestions for Doodle dogs, new Goldendoodle pups, Doodle dog parents, and even stocking stuffer suggestions are given.

Merry Christmas Eve and Goldendoodle:

This section is for you if your Doodle dog is getting a visit from Santa Paws with a sack full of toys and cheery presents!

Hide ‘n Slide Interactive Puzzle Toy:

Your Goldendoodle’s mind will be engaged by this hide-and-slide puzzle toy, which provides a tonne of cognitive enrichment for dogs.

To encourage your dog to utilise their “hunt and forage” abilities to discover the rewards, just place kibble or treats in each hole, conceal them using the swivelling sliders, and reward them.

This Nina Ottoson hide-and-slide puzzle toy has been our Goldendoodle’s go-to enrichment toy for more than a year.

hide n slide interactive puzzle toy

Our dog appears to be more interested in eating when we ask her to “find it,” so we frequently use it in place of a food dish when we sit down to breakfast. She gets to use her nose to find the food hidden behind the sliders of the puzzle.

Please take note that as soon as your dog discovers the goodies, you should pick up and put away this toy, especially if you have a puppy or a chewer of a Goldendoodle. Dogs who enjoy chewing might wish to munch on the sliders.

Given how entertaining the level 2 interactive puzzle (above) has been for our Goldendoodle, we’ve put the Nina Ottosson Level 3 Puzzle Toy (below) on our holiday wish list.

Squeak Chew Ball & Chew Stick Bundle:

Our paws up for this gift combo that includes a gravy-scented ball and a turkey-scented stick for mixing squeaks, fragrances, and a robust yet cushiony design. If Playology is unfamiliar to you, they incorporate all-natural fragrances into their toys so that dogs may engage in olfactory play.

Squeak Chew Ball & Chew Stick Bundle

Holiday Bandana Set by Remy + Roo:

Holiday bandanas from Remy + Roo, a small business inspired by the relationship of a Goldendoodle (Remy) and Poodle, will make your Doodle dog seem golden in time for Christmas (Roo).

Holiday Bandana Set by Remy + Roo

These dog bandanas stand out from other dog bandanas because to their high-quality fabric and sturdy design. The bandana is attractive from the front and the rear thanks to the long ties that create adorable square knots that resemble bows. The Remy & Roo Christmas Bandana Set is on our holiday wish list, and we already own the floral bandanas.

Dog Frisbee Kong Flyer:

High paws are awarded to this dog frisbee for its structure and soft-on-a-dog’s-mouth-yet-tough-enough-to-last substance. The traditional Kong flexible material is less harmful to teeth and gums than human frisbees, which are constructed of hard plastic.

Dog Frisbee Kong Flyer

We’ve thrown this Kong Flyer to our Doodle dog in all types of weather, from snow to showers, since receiving it as a present from Santa Paws a year ago. (If you have a dog who enjoys retrievers as much as we do, you already know that frisbee is a year-round backyard recreation and not only for summer days.)

Our Goldendoodle, who is a relentless retrieving machine, has tossed, tugged, and slobbered on this frisbee. It still looks brand new despite the stains and grit.

Our frisbee sessions also come with two frisbees. Therefore, we may prepare the other for the following round while the first is in flight.

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West Paw Zogoflex:

This dog frisbee is flexible and soft for a catch that won’t hurt your dog’s teeth or gums. The frisbee’s lip is also a little bit higher. So, in a pinch, it can serve as your dog’s water bowl.

West Paw Zogoflex

You may put the West Paw Zogoflex Zisk in the dishwasher after giving it to your dog. Although we’ve just hand-washed ours, the West Paw website states that it is dishwasher safe.

Zoo Snood Reindeer:

Rudolph, move aside. With this gorgeous Zoo Snood reindeer snood on, your Goldendoodle will be the most well-known (and cutest) reindeer of all. When Christmas guests see your ReinDoodle wearing the cosy soft knit “hoodie,” they’ll be delighted.

Zoo Snood Reindeer

Both the fox and the polar bear Zoo Snoods have been acquired by our family. We adore how simple they are to put on and how comfortable the knit fabric is. For us, wearing one of these hoodies is a simple way to “dress up” for a big occasion or simply a chilly walk. Even my Goldendoodle is unaware that she is wearing hers.

Fetch Ball:

Dogs can breathe more easily when racing with this fetch ball in their mouths because to its special “open weave” structure, which allows air to pass through it. Additionally, it is constructed of a flexible material for gentle catches.

Fetch Ball

Air Chuck-It or Fetch Ball! Our regular retrieve routine has included fetch balls for a number of years. The one in the picture below was thrown and picked up across four seasons after being placed beneath the Christmas tree the previous year. They are simple to grab, which my Goldendoodle who is crazy with fetch adores.

Goldendoodle puppy Gifts:

You should go through these Goldendoodle puppy gift suggestions if this will be your Goldendoodle’s first Christmas.

Including a dog in your pack now? Pink and blue dog chews from Kong are the cutest. The pacifier-shaped Kong binkie toy is constructed of the renowned natural rubber substance for which KONG is famous, but in a softer kind specifically designed for growing pups.

Furthermore, Kong offers its traditional dog toy in blue or pink for your newest furry family member and is made for chewers that are just starting out. Both the Kong Binky teething toy and the Blue or Pink Classic Kong Toy may be filled with a nutritious puppy-safe treat to prolong playtime.

Goldendoodle Moms And Dads gifts:

Will there be a little gift bearing the words “From the Goldendoodle” and a paw print in the shape of a heart under the tree? If so, these Goldendoodle gift suggestions are for their Doodle-obsessed family members.

goldendoodle moms and dads gifts

The dog mom (or chief groomer in your home) is losing out on an easier, kinder Goldendoodle brushing regimen if she doesn’t currently have this slicker brush. Angled pins on the coral-handled brush are intended to untangle and groom thick coats.

This brush is effective! Because of this, it has a place in my at-home toolset for grooming Goldendoodles. The springy pins appear to float through my dog’s hair.

Dog grooming Table:

On this festival we can not ignore the dog grooming table, a dog grooming table makes the job simpler whether you are a comprehensive do-it-yourself Goldendoodle groomer or only want a stable area to brush your Goldendoodle in between expert grooms.

I’ve used this Flying Pig dog grooming table for several years and have been very satisfied with my purchase as someone who learned (and loves) grooming at home. I’ve discovered that having the appropriate instruments for the job makes it simpler and more enjoyable when dealing with the abundance of Goldendoodle fluff.

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