International Dog Celebration Day (Thursday, 26 August 2021)

International Dog Celebration Day (Thursday, 26 August 2021)

International Dog Celebration Day (Thursday, 26 August 2021)- The International Dog Day is observed every year on 26 August in order to appreciate, honour and promote every dog irrespective of breed and the situation of canines.

International Dog Celebration Day (Thursday, 26 August 2021)

No one can win hearts like the best friend of man and Dog Day is observed to commemorate this relationship between man and canine.

Take the time to understand how much love and value dogs offer to our everyday lives and to help homeless and neglected pets worldwide. Between keeping us safe and helping those who are blind, deaf or disabled in the emergency services, dogs do a lot for us, and this is a chance to contribute something back.

Dog Day was established in order to honour all dog breeds, both pure and mixed. The day is to raise public awareness about the number of dogs that need to be saved each year from pure breed rescuers, rescues, and public shelters.

The purpose of the day is to honour these amazing animals that work tirelessly to provide comfort, keep us secure, and save lives. These creatures put their lives on the line every day. Dogs that detect narcotics and explosives, as well as those that remove victims from wreckage and catastrophic circumstances safeguard our safety and freedom. We also offer service dogs for the blind, the handicapped, and law enforcement. These dogs have unique positions in our lives, from these brave dogs to our family companions, and it is only right that we celebrate them.

Very International and Surprising Fact About dog!

Let’s look at some fascinating facts about dogs to help you better appreciate these magnificent creatures. Did you know that the African Hunting Dog is the most successful hunter in the world? These dogs are successful in half to seventy percent of their hunts. They’ve even set a Guinness World Record for it. The Saluki also holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest dog breed. This breed has been around since 329 BC. These dogs were maintained as Royal Pets in Ancient Egypt.

International Dog Celebration Day (Thursday, 26 August 2021)

There are claims that this breed may be traced back even farther, since there are sculptures of a dog that appears very similar to this type that date back to 7,000 BC in the south of Iraq.

Isn’t it incredible?

Dogs have three eyelids, did you know? Many individuals are unaware of this fact regarding their canine companions. The third lid is a nictitating membrane called a haw. It is critical for keeping the eye moist and protected. There are also some distinguishing characteristics connected with certain dog breeds. For example, Shar-Peis and Chow Chows have black tongues.

In addition, 30% of Dalmatians are deaf in one ear.

Did you also know that if a cheetah and a greyhound competed in a long-distance race, the greyhound would win? This is due to greyhounds’ superior long-distance speeds. They can maintain a 35mph speed for up to seven kilometres.

Honour to Hero Dogs!

In honour of Dog Day, it is only fitting that we pay tribute to some of the world’s most amazing hero dogs. In fact, this is something we like to do every Dog Day – read up on stories about dogs that have done amazing things – and we encourage that you do the same. It may be both enlightening and joyful.

How to Celebrate National Dog Day? (On August 26)

Adopting a dog from a rescue home, giving your dog a holistic spa treatment, or even purchasing yourself and your dog identical t-shirts are among suggested ways to commemorate Dog Day.

The National Dog Day Foundation advocates for all dog breeds and variations and discourages purchase from unscrupulous backyard breeders and puppy factories; instead, support respectable breeders or adopt from rescue families.

Dog Day has received support from high-profile figures such as former US President George W Bush, whose own dog, Barney the Scottish terrier, has his own website and has even appeared in a series of short films. So, today, honour dogs and their many abilities by taking the time to treat the dogs in your life and by helping dogs in need.

You may also honour Dog Day by donating to an animal charity of your choosing. You will most likely discover a local dog charity or shelter in your neighbourhood. All it takes is a short web search to learn more about the wonderful charities that are out there doing incredible work.

There are charities and rescue shelters for dogs that have lost their homes, as well as organisations that organise dogs for the deaf, therapy dogs, and guide dogs. A gift can make a big impact to one of these organisations.

Naturally, you might determine that fundraising is the best method to achieve it. You only need an idea to include everybody to collect funds, to increase awareness and to make money. It must not be a complex notion.

This is why fun runs and bakes sales work so well. Simply said, you must ensure that you have something that the community can truly support. Alternatively, you might decide to take on a task and ask others to sponsor you, such as skydiving or a long walk. The possibilities are limitless.

It is worth noting that fundraising does not have to include any type of event. There are several more ways to generate funds. For example, you may opt to customise T-shirts and sell them. In commemoration of Dog Day, this might be a T-shirt with an animal saying on it.

It’s not just about providing money. There are several organisations that would value your time just as much. Why not volunteer with an animal charity or group for the day? If you are able to contribute more of your time in the future, we are confident that it will be highly appreciated.

Needless to say, another wonderful way to celebrate Dog Day is to provide a loving home for a deserving dog. When you have a dog, your life changes dramatically for the better! Bringing a dog into the family, on the other hand, is not for everyone, and you may feel that you are not at the time in your life where this is appropriate for you.

Furthermore, you may just be unable to. Some landlords, for example, do not allow dogs in their rental properties. If this is the case, why not instead support a dog? You will give a modest amount of money each week or month in exchange for helping to provide a dog with the home they deserve. You will receive updates throughout the year so you can see where your money is going and how your dog is doing.

Another enjoyable way to commemorate Canine Day is to watch a dog movie. There are so many fantastic dog movies out there that you should have no problem finding one you haven’t seen before. The old-school classic Old Yeller is one of our favourites. We strongly advise you to watch this if you haven’t already. It’s a fantastic coming-of-age storey.


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