(In 2023 French Bulldog Price!)

(In 2023 French Bulldog Price!)

In 2023 French Bulldog Price-A companion dog or toy dog from France is called a French Bulldog, or Bouledogue Français. It first arrived in Paris in the middle of the 19th century and is said to have originated from a crossbreeding between Toy Bulldogs brought over from England and native Parisian ratters.

It is one of the most often registered dogs in a number of nations, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and is regularly kept as a pet.

The French Bulldog, often known as the Frenchie, is a breed of nonsporting dog that was created in France in the late 1800s by crosses between toy-sized local small dogs and Bulldogs. The French Bulldog is a smaller version of the Bulldog and has wide, upright ears with rounded ends that resemble bat ears. Its demeanour is often alert rather than melancholy, as in the Bulldog, and its skull is flat between the ears and domed above the eyes.

in 2023 french bulldog price

The French Bulldog is a beloved companion and watchdog that is typically under 28 pounds in weight and 11 to 13 inches (28 to 33 cm) height at the withers (13 kg). Its short, silky coat comes in a variety of colours, including brindle, greyish brown (fawn), white, and more.

French Bulldog Price:

In the United States, a French Bulldog normally costs between $1,500 and $4,500. Depending on the breeder’s reputation and location, this cost may change. Find a trustworthy breeder to guarantee your puppy receives the finest care possible. However, if you want a show dog with a certain set of traits or a colour that is unusual, they could really be quite a deal more expensive.

You can also think about adopting a French Bulldog puppy from a rescue group. Despite the potential cost savings, you might have to wait until adoption is a possibility.

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They are quite difficult to breed, which contributes to their high price, as well as their appeal.

It is easy to see why these cute tiny dogs have gained so much popularity. They are not only incredibly adorable and affectionate, but they also adapt well to small apartments and are generally trouble-free when left alone for extended periods of time.

They are also sufficiently smart, teachable, and obedient that even inexperienced owners won’t have any difficulties. However, it is important to keep in mind that they do battle with their health, just like the majority of purebred dogs, which may be costly and emotionally taxing.

Price Fluctuation In Different Areas:

You should anticipate to pay anywhere between $1,500 and $4,500 for a French bulldog puppy from a good breeder, sorry California, it’s pricey where you are!

If you come across a French bulldog puppy outside of the shelter and rescue system for less than $1,500, consider it a warning sign.

This can be a sign that the dog was raised in a puppy mill. You may learn more about why it’s best to stay away from puppy mills here.

Check out the French Bulldog Rescue Network if you want to adopt a French bulldog. However, due of the dog’s popularity, there may be fierce competition for the Frenchies that do require a home.

Although a French bulldog puppy usually costs approximately $3,000, you may get puppies for as much as $10,000. There are many variables that might affect pricing, and you should plan to pay significantly more if you want a show dog or a dog for breeding.

Additionally, the price may increase due to certain hues that are popular yet genetically relatively rare. A breeder may charge far more for a platinum or blue fawn puppy than they would for a brindle or black youngster.

Unbelievably, a French bulldog is the most expensive dog in the world and is valued at $100,000. This is Micro, a Frenchie with the ideal body type.

In addition, he possesses an uncommon combination of orange eyes and a blue coat for a dog. As a reputable breeder, Micro is extremely desirable, and his puppies may fetch $10,000.

Eye Catching Points:


  • French Bulldog

Others Name:

  • Frenchie
  • Bouledogue Français

Origin Country:

  • France
  • United Kingdom

Breed Group:

  • Non Sporting (AKC, 1898)
  • Companion (UKC)


  • Small to Medium


  • 11 to 13 Inches


  • Less than 28 Pounds

Life Span:

  • 10 to 12 years

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Breed Type:

  • Purebred
  • Companion Dog


  • Alert Dog
  • Affectionate
  • Playful
  • Athletic
  • Keen Dog
  • Lively
  • Very Patient


  • White
  • Brindle
  • White and Brindle
  • Fawn
  • Fawn & White
  • Creamy
  • Fawn & Brindle

Litter Size:

  • 03 to 05 Puppies

Kids Friendly:

  • So So

Price/ Cost:

  • $1500 to $4500

Popularity/ Ranking:

  • 2021-22: #1 (Miami and Columbus)
  • 2020: #2
  • 2019: #4

Recognised by AKC:

  • In 1898

Keep in Mind:

This breed is sterile in nature. Male Frenchies cannot mount females because of their small hips, feeble rear legs, and bulky tops. In order to reproduce, they must be artificially inseminated. Additionally, the breed’s huge head and narrow hips sometimes necessitate a c-section for the mother, increasing the cost of breeding.

Why French Bulldogs are Expensive From Other Dogs Breed?

In contrast to Labrador pups, which you could anticipate to cost around $500 if you assume they will be used for breeding or displaying, French bulldog puppies start at three times that much. So why are they so costly?

Since they are a highly sought-after dog breed, strong demand is one factor. However, as Labs are also among the most popular dog breeds, it is not the complete picture. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why French bulldogs are so expensive.

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Breeding Issues:

The difficulty of breeding Frenchies is the second major issue. They can hardly ever breed spontaneously, and roughly 80% of French bulldog puppies are delivered through C-section.

In addition to the cost of the procedure itself, the mother and puppies also require additional care. Additionally, breeders must allow their mother dogs a lot more time to recover before considering breeding them again.

French Bulldog Biography:

in 2023 french bulldog price

The “toy bulldogs” were a popular breed of dog among lace makers in England, where the French Bulldog originated. Many lace makers relocated to the French countryside during the industrial revolution, and it was there that the French Bulldog was developed over many generations of breeding. There is debate about how this breed came to be, however the widely accepted theory is that it was created when a toy Bulldog mixed with a Pug and a Terrier. French Bulldogs eventually gained popularity among Parisians, who learned to know and adore them. They soon became a common sight in the city.

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