How to protect your beloved dog

How to protect your beloved dog

How to protect your beloved dog! My dog ​​is so dear that I want to eat it, it doesn’t hurt when I put it in my eyes.
I want to make such a dog happier! For owners who are eager to do so, we will deliver 10 items of medicine, food, and housing that should not be done.


First of all, about “medicine”

Whether it’s painful or painful, dogs can’t speak.
So be aware, owner.

Don’t let un-vaccinated puppies go outside

A curious and energetic puppy. It is a great pleasure for the owner to see them fluttering their tails and exploring the outside world. But there are a lot of terrifying dangers outside! The deadly parvovirus (Kind of virus that mainly affecting dog) may be lurking. Until the vaccination, the park debut is Ozaukee.

Don’t skip regular medical examinations

“My boyfriend is fine, no problem! And the veterinarian costs money …” There are surprisingly many owners who skip regular checkups. But self-diagnosis is absolutely NG! Sometimes the illness is progressing inside the body. Flea and heart worm medications should not be discontinued just because it is winter. A house that is warm even in winter is a paradise for insects. It may be hidden in the carpet with the eggs. And don’t forget to check your teeth and gums regularly. Periodontal disease is the cause of heart disease and visceral disease, and the loss of teeth to enjoy food. Regular veterinarian examinations will help your beloved dog live longer.

Next is about daily “food”

Because of the cuteness of my child, it can be fatal. Let’s look back at ourselves and tighten the loincloth again!

Don’t give human food

Cute eyes staring at the people around the table. Uh ~ cute! But don’t lose to the dog. Not only is the human diet too salty and not nutritious, but it can also use ingredients that can be extremely toxic to dogs. For example, onions, garlic, grapes … and many more! These foods can lead to life-threatening symptoms such as diarrhea, heart attacks, and visceral disorders. There is nothing good in terms of behaviour, such as having a habit of begging the owner during a meal. Let’s make our heart a demon.

Don’t give the amount you want

In the United States, more than 54% of dogs and cats are fat than the standard , so obesity in pets is a problem that owners should pay the utmost attention to. Overfeeding is the cause of all kinds of diseases that cause obesity, diabetes, arthritis, etc. Consider the age and health of your dog and keep in mind the appropriate amount. It is convenient to use a measuring cup to ensure that you give a fixed amount. If you want your dog to lose weight, scrutinize it and pay attention to its nutritional balance. Basically, dogs are not suitable for vegetarian diets. It is dangerous to continue a vegetable-only diet just because you want to lose weight.

Don’t use your favourite reward 

There have been many sad accidents such as crushed bones sticking in the esophagus and lungs of dogs. Some have argued that uncooked raw bones are okay, but their safety is uncertain. I understand that I want to see the happy face of my dog, but I can’t stand it because I love it. There are many other safe and delicious treats.

Finally, 5 things about daily “living

Don’t use loose collars

These days, dog collars have a surprising design, “Oh, it’s awesome!” But before you dress up, make sure you know the correct size. It is said that the best size for small dogs is to have “1” finger between the collar and neck, and for large dogs “2”. A collar that is too tight can hurt your skin or squeeze the squeeze itself. On the other hand, if it is too loose, the dog will escape … and both can cause horrific events.

It is also affectionate to choose the one that suits the individual. For example, put a light collar on the delicate neck of a small little dog. It’s a pity to wear something that is too heavy for a weak child. Harnesses are recommended over collars for dogs that have a habit of pulling or popping out. A collar that you can wear every day 365 days a year. Please choose something that is “safe and comfortable!”

Don’t let your dog “eat and sleep”

In fact, it is the amount of daily exercise that affects the life of the dog. Even if you know that dogs like exercise, few owners may understand that exercise is a “must have” for them. Let’s go out positively and inspire. When you take a walk, please do not remove the lead. No matter how clever your dog is, unexpected accidents always happen suddenly. Moderate exercise will make your dog’s body and heart super happy.

Don’t be free in the car

When you drive, do you sometimes see a car with a dog coming out of the window? The outer corner of the eye goes down without thinking “Oh, cute ♡”, but it’s actually an NG habit for dogs. It may be carried by the wind and shards of things may stick in your eyes, or it may pop out of the window with some rhythm. A fun family outing drive, dogs are also one of the important passengers (?). Let’s put it in the crate properly and protect it.

Don’t leave dogs and little kids alone

When you let a small child and a dog play together, keep an eye on them. There is a concern that the dog will bite the child, but on the contrary, the child can injure the dog. Small children don’t know what to do. For the sake of mutual safety, be careful.

Don’t yell or hit the dog

My dog ​​chewed on my favourite furniture and messed it up … At that time, aren’t you scolding with the loudest voice in the opening? It is said that the method of punishing dogs after doing bad things cannot actually improve the behaviour of dogs in the long term. Dogs are the same as humans. For candies and whips, I want a lot of candies. It seems that the method of getting a lot of compliments and rewards will have a greater effect. If you think you may have been a little too angry, let’s change the approach from today.


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