(Grooming My Own Dogs) | (Eli & Batman)

(Grooming My Own Dogs) | (Eli & Batman)

Pet parents who used to rely on professional dog groomers to maintain their dogs’ health and appearance have to consider alternatives. Even the most patient dog owners will find at-home grooming a tedious task. Regular grooming is important if you don’t want your pet to be misunderstood as a feral dog or have unpleasant odors. We can help you with anything, including a tangled Shih Tzu mane, overgrown Rottweiler nails, dry skin, and a Chihuahua’s dry skin.

batman is heartworm free

We reached out to pet experts, veterinarians, and groomers for their advice on the best grooming products for dogs. Erin Askeland (pet behaviorist, Camp Bow Wow training manager) says that it is important to keep grooming sessions brief. She believes that pet owners will be more successful if their dogs associate grooming with praise, attention, treats, and praise, rather than stress and upset. Askeland is joined by six experts to show you how to bathe, brush and trim your dog in a safe and easy way for both you and your pet. This article will show you how to groom your dog. Eli and Batman, or any other breeds, at home.

Start with nails

Minaker says that regular nail trimming is a key step in keeping your dog clean at home. Some dogs’ nails naturally shrink when they are walking on concrete or pavement. Others require regular trimming.

Minaker says that most pet shops sell nail clippers in different sizes so they can fit the dog’s size. Minaker says that trimming them should be done every four to six weeks. You should also trim the dewclaw (a nail some dogs have on their side of their feet); and if you accidentally nick the quick (nerves or blood vessels within the nail), a dab with cornstarch and styptic powder can stop the bleeding.

Do keep certain areas trimmed

Minaker suggests dry-trimming only the essential areas to prolong the life of your existing cut. Minaker says that the face, ears and hygienic area should all be kept in good condition. You can reduce odours and infection by keeping your hair cut short in these areas. Minaker says that good craft scissors can be used as long as they are sharp and have not been used on any other items.

Dog bathing

Small Door Veterinary’s chief of staff, Dr. Jamie Richardson recommends that you bathe your dog only once a month unless it has been in close contact with a skunk, or is suffering from a medical condition. You could dry out your dog’s skin. Samantha Schwab, a Chewy resident pet expert, loves the Booster bath grooming center. It is “the ultimate bathing experience, without ever having to step foot in a groomer’s.” You can also choose from three sizes so that you can fit your pet’s breed.

Bath accessories All-In-One bath accessories & grooming gloves

Schwab recommends these gloves as they allow you to massage your pet with the fur-nabbing rubber nodules and can also be used to shed hair outside.

Conditioners and shampoos

Melissa Mitchner, founder and CEO of Bark Shoppe, loves Nature’s Specialties shampoos. They are made in the U.S. and are nontoxic, biodegradable and concentrated so you get a lot. She recommends the EZ Shed conditioner for double-coated breeds such as Shiba Inus or Pomeranians. It breaks down pet hair and reduces future shedding.

Schwab says that Tropi Clean’s coconut and papaya shampoo and conditioner instantly sends you on an emotional vacation to Mexico. A two-in-1 product means you can spend more time with your pet than slaving over the sink.

AdVet Hygienics Aloe Vera Waterless Dog Shampoo

Askeland and Joshua Morales, master groomer, recommend waterless shampoo for in-between bathing to keep your pet smelling and looking fresh. Morales recommends AdVet Hygienics’ waterless shampoo. He loves the all-natural soothing ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E, horsetail extract, and arnica. To help your dog get rid of tangles, Morales recommends that you spray your dog with waterless shampoo prior to combing or brushing.


Mitchner suggests using warm water and a washcloth to keep your dog’s face clean. Wipes can also be used to keep your dog’s belongings from getting into your home. Schwab likes the Pogi’s “durable” and “extra wide” wipes. They are great for cleaning up after a long, muddy trip to Dog Park.

Hair dryer for dogs

Morales and Mitchner both said that air drying your pet’s fur after a bath is not a good idea. Morales said it can cause matted fur. Mitchner also warns against letting your pet dry in the shower. While Mitchner states that you can use any hairdryer on your dog, dryers made for pets like this one don’t contain heating elements. This is safer and will not dry your dog’s skin. If you use a traditional hair dryer she recommends that you start with the dryer set at a low temperature. You can adjust the setting to make your dog feel more comfortable.

Brushes and combs for long-haired dogs

Morales suggests using a gentle pinbrush while your dog is still damp to brush curly hair. Conditioner, detangler, and waterless shampoo can help the brush glide through knots and prevent matting. Mitchner suggests using a pin brush. This is a round-ended brush that won’t cause your dog to get irritated or have a brush burn. Mitchner states, “It’s important to brush long-haired pets every other day or at least three times per week.”

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Brushes for short-haired dog

Richardson and Mitchner recommend using the Furminator Deshedding Tool to remove the undercoat, and any additional shedding that may occur during the changing seasons. Furminator is a metal comb that can reach beneath your dog’s coat.

Clippers and scissors

A pair of safety scissors is necessary if washing, drying, and combing your pet’s hair doesn’t remove knots or if their hair hangs in their faces (and their food bowl) too much. We were all warned by the dangers of using sharp tools around unpredictable animals. Morales and Mitchner both recommend that you use scissors with round tips to reduce those risks. Richardson states that she does not recommend that owners cut their dogs’ hair. Mitchner shared some tips with us for framing a Labradoodle’s face if they are a little shaggy. Then, trim any bangs sticking out below your fingers.

Many experts that we spoke with were against pet owners using clippers at home on their dogs. Morales suggest that you shave your dog’s fur and then start over if it is matted. He recommends that you avoid buying professional-grade clippers. Instead, he suggests purchasing a Wahl kit, which comes with a variety guards and a DVD that includes styling tips. Morales advise that you avoid burning or cutting your dog’s skin by moving in the direction of hair growth. He recommends that you always use the plastic heal of your clippers against your dog’s body and not angled. Also, make sure to regularly oil your blades to prevent them from overheating.

The clipper’s moving blades should not be used on your dog’s delicate skin. Morales warn that dogs have skin that is thinner and more delicate than human skin. This makes it easier for the clipper’s moving blades to cut or puncture their skin. Morales suggest that you avoid areas with skin folds or flaps when trimming at home, such as the underside of your hips and the armpits. If your dog has a lot of loose skin you will need to trim it. Morales states that although your dog may not look exactly the same when you take him to a professional groomer, it will be a lot more comfortable to let it be choppy than rush to the vet to fix a puncture.

Vet’s Best Dental Gel Toothpaste for Dogs

Dr. Rachel Barrack (a veterinarian and founder of Animal Acupuncture) suggests that dogs should be brushed at least once a day.S.76, this toothpaste contains both anti-fungal as well as anti-bacterial ingredients that fight tartar, plaque buildup, whiten teeth, freshen breath, and freshen breath.

Virbac C.E.T. Pet Toothbrush

Barrack points out that “toothbrushes formulated specifically for dogs are more angled” than human toothbrushes. Schwab recommends the Virbac Pet Toothbrush, because it is large enough to reach those difficult-to-reach areas in the back of your mouth and its soft bristles keep your pet comfortable all the way through. This is the perfect one for small breeds.


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