(Grooming Maltese with Top Knot) (Maltese Top Knot Holiday Bow)

(Grooming Maltese with Top Knot) (Maltese Top Knot Holiday Bow)

Learn how to make a top knot with your Maltese. A Maltese is not complete without his top knots. The US shows Maltese adults with two top knots. They are shown in Europe with one top knot. Because they don’t have enough hair to do double knots, puppies often have a single top knot.

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You will need the following items to tie the knot:

This article contains tips and tricks for grooming a Maltese Show dog with two top knots. Thanks to Eva and Chris Gillett Unforgettable Maltese Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos that illustrate how to create top knots in Maltese.

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  • Metal Ended Rat Tail Comb
  • Non-latex bands 3/16″ (4.5 mm).
  • Perm wraps Papers and Mesh End Wraps
  • Maltese Bow Pairs 3/8″
  • Model:Champion Marcris Smarty pants

Step 1: Your rat tail comb can be used to separate the hair between the eyes and the top of your nose.

Step 1

The hair should be cut at an angle above your eyes.

Step 2

The hair will look half-moon when it is cut.

Step 3

Step 2: Divide the hair using the metal end on the rat tail combing.

 Step 4

Divide the half moon into 2 equal parts.

Step 5

Step 3: Only one section at a given time

Step 6Step 7

To add volume to the top knot, back-comb your hair.

Step 8

Step 4: A very small 3/16″ non-latex or latex band should be placed around the top of your back combed hair section.

 Step 9

Smoothen the top knot’s front with your rattail brush. To give your Maltese Top knot a more poofy look, you can use the metal end to run your rattail comb through the front. Pull the front towards you slowly, until you get the desired puff.

Step 10

Step 5: Two jumbo or mesh end wraps are required. You can choose which type you prefer, but both will create a neat little “horn”.

Step 11-a

 Step 11-b

To cover the band, fold the paper in half lengthwise. Wrap the paper around the hair and create a top knot “horn”.

step 12

Step 6: Your rattail comb metal ends can be used to bend the wrapped paper around the hair and create a neat little paper box-like horn.

Step 13

Step 7: Wrap your hair with a non-latex band. Wrap the band around 2-3 time.

Step 14

The end result will be a neat looking top knot horn.

Step 15

To smoothen the front of your top knot, comb any stray hairs upward and out of your eyes.

Step 16

Step 8: Your 3/8” Maltese Bow Pairs are complete!

Step 17

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(Is it easy to train Maltese dogs?)

It is very simple to teach a Maltese how to play tricks and other games. It is easy to teach Maltese how to behave and to follow your family’s routines and rules. A Maltese can be difficult to train to be quiet. Toy breeds are known for being loud. This is because they have a weak defense mechanism.

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