For Dog Grooming Walk is Necessary But dog refuses to walk! 

For Dog Grooming Walk is Necessary But dog refuses to walk!

For dog grooming walk  is the essential part but many dogs love walking and sometimes refuse to walk. The owner’s worries are often “happy screams” such as “pulling the lead too much” or “it takes a long time because there are a lot of squeaks”, but there are also owners who have the opposite worries. Step on instead of pulling! It’s a dog that brakes and doesn’t move forward.

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Why do they refuse to walk?

When your dog refuses to walk, there are several possible reasons:

  1.  ”I’m tired …” “I don’t want to walk”
  2.  I’m not used to taking a walk
  3.  Scary outside
  4.  Collars, harnesses and leads are uncomfortable
  5.  I have pain due to illness or injury
  6.  ”I do not want to return!”

1. “I’m tired …” “I don’t want to walk”

Dogs are hard-working friends who love exercise, but they can get tired and dull. If you go out all day and do your work, it’s not surprising that you feel like “I don’t want to patrol your neighborhood …”.

i am tired- dog grooming

The degree of fatigue varies depending on the breed and age of the dog. Pay attention to the breed characteristics and age of your dog. Seniors may not be as active as they were when they were young, and dogs that are too young may not be able to tolerate long walks due to underdeveloped muscles. Also, dogs at home that only exercise on weekends may be less muscular and tired.

2. I’m not used to taking a walk

Most of the time you can’t walk outside for your first walk. Even if you can walk proudly at home, you will be overwhelmed by the inexperienced outside world, and you will be worried about unfamiliar collars and leads, which will make your walk heavier.

i am not used to walk-dog grooming

Start your first walk in a quiet and calm place. Any dog ​​will slowly get used to it, so don’t be impatient, calm down, and praise your dog as you move forward.

3. I’m scared outside

Fear is a major reason dogs refuse to walk (or go outdoors). If your dog suddenly says, “I’m not going for a walk!”, You may have experienced fear, pain, or both during your walk.

i am sacred- dog grooming

Everyday events for you can be a horrifying experience for your dog. The engine of the car made a loud noise, the signboard of the shop was fluttering on a windy day, the child suddenly ran up, etc. There is. Also, dogs that could not see or experience various things during the sensitive period (similar to the socialization period or critical period) around the age of 3 to 10 weeks tend to be afraid to encounter new things. there is.

In this case, you really have to take the time to get used to the outside. To the front door today, to the front door tomorrow, if you go a little further, you will be rewarded to increase the good experience. It’s a good idea to keep using special compliments only for this time, or prepare a special guy for a walk.

4. Something unpleasant (collar, harness, lead, rain, rain gear …)

I don’t like walking goods! Some dogs don’t like going outside because of that. Weight and design discomfort, such as being too large, too small, too heavy, or hindering movement, keeps the dog away from walking.

It’s possible for any dog ​​to be worried about new walking goods. However, if you pull the lead or bite into the harness after many days, you need to be a little careful. It’s annoying when combined with negative emotions about walking.

Choose goods that are safe, light and painless for your dog. The old-fashioned “training” painful type of collar only causes pain to the dog. Let’s change to a harness made of soft material.

5. I have pain due to illness or injury

The first thing to suspect in a sudden refusal to walk is for health reasons such as illness or injury.

Muscle fatigue from injuries, orthopedic problems, or excessive exercise can manifest itself in walking. If you’re dragging your legs or walking strangely, rest your dog first.

i have pain- dog grooming

Then check your nails, paws, and between your fingers to see if you are injured. If you’re having trouble walking the next day, take it to a veterinary clinic. There are many possible causes, including trauma, foreign bodies, orthopedic problems, age-related pain, certain tick-borne diseases, and cancer.

6. “I don’t want to go home!”

The pattern is not “I don’t want to go for a walk!” But “I don’t want to go home!”. These dogs believe that if they refuse to return, the fun will never end.

It’s fun once or twice, but it’s quite difficult for the owner to repeat “I don’t want to go home!” Every day. You have to understand that “the fun is over”.

i dont want to go out home= dog grooming

Instead of calling out or pulling, turn your back and ignore it. Let’s go in the other direction so as to look away from the fun (friends, the park where we played). Regular training to respond to clicks and guys can help overcome this situation.

However, it is extremely difficult to get a stubborn dog to stand up. None of these methods work at all, and you might spend an hour at the park exit every day. In that case, please consult an expert once.






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