(Extremely Sweet Dog with Severely Matted Legs) (Dog grooming)

(Extremely Sweet Dog with Severely Matted Legs) (Dog grooming)

What is matted hair Dog?

Matted dog hair is when dead hairs get tangled with live hairs. Mats can develop in the outer and deeper layers of the coat. These mats are most common in areas with a lot of friction or movement, such as under the collar or behind the ears or in the armpits.

Severe matting is more serious than people realize. Once the mats have been embedded, the pulling can be so strong that it cuts off blood supply to the extremities, prevents regular air circulation, causes pain and restricts movement. Mats can form around the dog’s buttocks, trapping faeces. This causes irritation, discomfort, and even infection.

Sometimes, severe mats can form under the coat and are hidden by a thick outer coat. If a pet’s fur is left unattended, it can become matted to the point that you have to shave the whole dog.

extremely sweet dog with severely matted hair

What is the reason my dog’s hair gets matted?

The main cause of mats and knots is friction: Dogs’ hair or fur that has become tangled traps the fur in a clump. Many factors can lead to matted coats in dogs.

How easily the hair gets matted can depend on how long the coat is. Long-haired dogs, such as the Old English Shee pdog and Bearded Collie are more likely to develop mats and knots in areas that move a lot, like between the legs and behind their legs.

Medium-length dogs with feathering along the tail and legs can be more susceptible to mats and knots than long-haired Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds. Dobermans and Jack Russels have short coats that almost never cause knots or mats.

How to groom a dog who has matted hair

There are two ways to groom a dog that has matted hair. It all depends on what kind of mats or knots you have. You can groom your dog at-home using either of these methods. A de-matting rake can be used to remove small, newly formed mats from a dog’s coat. If the mats have been left too long, or if they are very solid, you’ll need to split them or use scissors.

matted hair dog: doggrooming.guru

If your dog has a long, curly, shaggy, or soft coat, you may know what it feels like to run your fingers through their fur and find a bit of un-part able, tangled hair. These hair clumps can be quite severe, ranging from unattractive to dangerous.

Rags is my mom’s senior dog. She is a mop-like, unidentifiable mop-like creature. I love Rags despite her high-maintenance hair.

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Rags, as well as many other dogs, have to deal with mats. Some can be handled without going to the groomers while others require more attention.

Jenn Shaw, owner Tall Tails Grooming, Red Deer, Alberta says that dogs can have three types of mats. The first two can be handled DIY, while the third one is best left to professionals.

The first type of mat is just a bunch or dead hairs that must be loosened and brushed out. You can easily remove the second type, which is a dreadlock-like one. Shaw says that Shaw recommends placing a comb between your skin and the end of the knot, and trimming the knot side to avoid accidentally cutting your skin.

Shaw describes severe matting as the third most damaging type of matting. This is a thick, flat sheet that looks like a sheep’s pelt.

These mats can be very tight around the ears, legs and tails. This kind of mat can be dangerous to remove at home as thin skin can be pulled into the mats by dogs who move. This kind of mat could cause your dog to accidentally cut its delicate skin.

Shaw says that while many owners don’t want to take their dog to a groomer because they are embarrassed, I prefer to safely remove mats rather than dealing with terrified dogs who have been badly groomed at home from inexperienced de-matting. It’s better to be late than never!

She said that although an owner might have to sign a waiver acknowledging the increased risks associated this type of groom it is much safer than trying to take the mat in your own hands.

Shaw, a professional groomer doesn’t discourage DIY grooming. However, she believes that severe mats are an exception to the rule. She says, “I cannot condone the idea of trying to remove severe mats at home yourself.”

“Professional groomers can clip this type of matting without causing any harm to your dog. However, there is a possibility of skin irritation due to restricted blood flow or hidden skin conditions beneath the matting.

It’s possible to avoid matting by brushing your dog’s hair after it gets wet. However, for Rags and other dogs, tangles can still happen and should be dealt with at the grooming table.


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