(Dog Welfare GROOMING Transformation)-(Yorkie Transformation)

(Dog Welfare GROOMING Transformation)-(Yorkie Transformation)

dog welfare grooming transformation: doggrooming.guru

This is a true story of transformation. This is a story of hope for rescue dogs around the globe.

Meet Cesar, a Yorkie who was saved from dangerous conditions. He now has a new home with the people he loves.

Cesar, who had been kept in a dark and dangerous place for ten years, was finally rescued from a Spanish puppy mill. Cesar, along with six to eight other Yorkies, was saved from such a terrible fate. You can see that Cesar has been rescued and is now living with a loving couple.

Although this transformation was heartwarming, it is a scary reminder that not all dogs can be placed in loving homes with responsible owners.

yorkie transformation: doggrooming.guru

There are many Viktor Larkhills out there, which is the good news. Viktor is the founder of a small animal rescue and works with Valencia Sur Veterinary Hospital, Silla, Valencia, and Spain.

There are thousands of dogs that have been mistreated or hurt, and many more that have been saved. They now feel the love that they deserve.

Cesar is now happy and healthy. All other Yorkies that were saved from the horrible puppy mill were also rescued and re-homed.

These organizations rescue thousands of dogs every year from dangerous owners and abusive situations. They don’t need to be hugely funded programs. Many stories are told every day of people saving dogs from their local neighborhoods.

You can make a difference in the life of a dog’s life by supporting them financially or by sharing inspiring stories such as this one.


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