(Derpy dog Funny Sleep Positions) (Why I love derpy dogs)

(Derpy dog Funny Sleep Positions) (Why I love derpy dogs)

What is a Derpy Dog?

Splooting is when a dog lies down on its stomach with his back to the side. French bulldogs and corgis are two breeds that are more susceptible to splooting. Frap stands for Frenetic random activity period. This is also known by the ‘zoomies’. A derp is, well, just a derp.

You will eventually lose your sleep. It could be final exams, a new baby or puppy, or even late-night Bark Buddy sessions. We all have experienced sleep deprivation at one point in our lives.

derpy dog funny sleeping poistions

I have a habit of falling asleep on the couch with my laptop on my chest and my dog’s bottom dangerously close to my face. (pink eye anyone?). It turns out that dogs also snooze in odd positions.

Why I Love Derpy Dogs?

The Internet is now dominated by derpy dogs. Derpy dogs have funny faces. Their tongues are out of control. They run into walls and trip over their feet. And they fall asleep in odd places. These silly, uncoordinated and dopey dogs are why we love them so much. Science may partly explain the answer.

Scientific American claims that we find humor even in minor physical injuries like tripping over a wall or running into it. “Play Frame” allow you to have a unique psychological reaction by putting a real-life incident in a nonserious setting. These derpy events should be seen as having some incongruency. Our dog must be able to navigate the kitchen doorway. If he does, we will find it hilarious (as long he doesn’t get hurt).

The article continues to explain the concept with an explanation about the neurobiology behind the derpy situations.

“Incongruity is a key component of humor. Mirror neurons were discovered in the 1990s. We fall and thrash around as we try to catch ourselves. These movements are controlled by neurons in the brain. When we see another person stumble, some neurons in our brain fire as though we were the one doing the flailing. These mirror neurons are replicating the patterns of activity in that person’s brain. I believe this mechanism is relevant to humor behavior because the observer’s brain becomes “tickled” from the neurological ghost. This unconscious stimulation reinforces the incongruity perception.

derpy dog funny sleep positions

Our brains find derpy dogs hilarious, and we feel a kind of sympathy for them. We can feel his derp moments right alongside him.

Dogs are already a source of joy and happiness in our lives. But when we can capture their adorable faces on camera, it’s even more fun. It’s always the best part of our day to watch our puppy fall into his water dish.

Part of the reason we love derpy dogs so much is because we all can relate to them. All of us have tripped on someone we wanted to impress, or attempted to push a door marked “pull”. Derpiness, a universal experience that bridges the gap between humans and dogs, is one that enriches our lives.

We love derpy dogs. We love them for their stupidity but we don’t hate them less. The antics of derpy dogs, like a baby bird that is so ugly it’s cute are charming and endearing. It would be nice if we all could embrace some derpiness in our lives. Stress can be reduced by learning to laugh at our small mistakes and missteps. Who wouldn’t want to have less stress? Dogs do the same thing as humans: they make mistakes. Despite our imperfections, we are all still beautiful and worthy of love.

(Derpy dog Funny Sleep Positions) (Why I love derpy dogs)

Is there a favorite tale about a derpy dog?

Is your dog a depy? Titus, my three-legged King of Derp, was my King of Derp. Although he was the best dog friend a child could have, he had serious derp issues. He loved to sniff underwater fish, play with skunks and fell asleep on the couch. His adorable derpiness kept us all in stitches every day.

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