Can you groom a dog before bathing?(5 easy steps)

Can you groom a dog before bathing?(5 easy steps)

“Grooming your dog before a bath can be very beneficial and necessary. Excess dirt, debris, or dead hair can be removed before the bath to prevent contamination to other areas, like the eyes and genitals. A matted or tangled hair can become a problem that is irreparable and must be removed with scissors. You can try to get rid of a few snarls while your fur is still damp before you bathe it. You can also groom your dog before bathing, if he is still young and has not lost his patience”.

dog grooming before taking bath

If your dog likes to be groomed, it can be a relaxing time for him. You may need to split the pre-bath grooming/bath time into two parts to help your dog relax. You will need to know what works best for your dog.

Step 1: Spray detangler

Apply a detangler spray to your dog’s hair before brushing if they have long hair or thick undercoats. This will condition the hair and make it easier to brush.

STEP 2 – Part your hair

Before you bathe part hair. Use a slicker or pin brush to remove any loose hairs. Go right to the skin.

STEP 3 – Work in sections

You can work in sections to remove fur and mats from the body, abdomen and legs.

STEP 4: Get rid of all debris

To smooth thick hair, brush against the grain.

STEP 5: Take out the mats

To remove tangles, use a comb and your fingers to thoroughly brush hair. If necessary, remove mats using a de-matting tool.

Routine Pre-bath Groom Method

STEP 1: Brush

Before giving your dog a bath, brush its coat to remove any dirt or debris.

STEP 2: Untangle knots

Take out any knots and tangles using your fingers. Then, comb it out. To locate and remove tangles under the hair, separate it.

STEP 3: Take out the mats

To remove unmanageable mats during bathing, you can either use a DE-matting device or scissor out.

STEP 4: Trim nails

Take care when trimming your dog’s nails. Pay attention to nails that are too short. If there is bleeding, use a styptic to stop it.

STEP 5: Get rid of contaminants

Use a damp cloth on the back of your dog to clean out any faeces and bacteria.

Caution and Considerations

Wet hair can cause knots to become difficult to manage. Before bathing, brush them out or use a DE-matter to remove them. To prevent bacteria and debris from getting on your dog’s skin, make sure you remove them as soon as possible before bathing. Do not make your dog frustrated by lengthy grooming sessions before bathing. If necessary, take a break. To cut down on time and ensure that your dog and you are both comfortable with the process, make sure you have all the necessary tools and supplies.


Although it may seem counter intuitive, grooming your dog before bathing him is a good idea. He will be wet anyway. It is actually very beneficial to groom your dog before you bathe him. This helps remove dirt and hair that may get tangled up in the bathing process. You should take breaks, especially for long-haired dogs that may need to bathe and brush their hair, to ensure that they don’t become tired or impatient.

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