(Bone Idol The Dog Grooming Saloon!)

(Bone Idol The Dog Grooming Saloon!)

Bone Idol The Dog Grooming Saloon– The motto of Bone Idol Saloon, a dog grooming training saloon, a dog grooming salon with all the right differences, a pet shop with natural treats and curated collections of dog beds, collars, leads, and dog products, as well as their own healthy dog food from Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, is Healthy, Happy, and Fabulous, in that order. All of this is backed by a central website for pet owners and dog groomers in the UK.

Bone idol the dog grooming saloon

The master groomer has developed an expertise in the glamorous and flamboyant manner that the poodle breed is known for due to his interest in the breed’s heritage.

Arnold, a 14-week-old poodle that Ben recently brought home, has already benefited from his first grooming sessions in “puppy pants” from his adoring father.

Here, Ben explains why he enjoys working to the breed standard so much and why the history of the poodle groom may not be as well-known as you might expect.

“I like breed standard work, the true skill of getting the dog to resemble the breed standard as closely as possible. I’ve been grooming for 14 years, and I find it to be my favourite aspect.

“Seeing a dog at Crufts and then going back to the salon and making the dogs we meet look the same way gives me the delight,” says the poodle when they are correctly groomed and the schnauzer when their eyebrows are in place. In the salon, we may hone our methods and abilities, such as applying the flat work with a shorter blade to make it appear hand stripped or placing the pom-pom on a poodle perfectly. I find the origins of dog breeds, especially the poodle, and their standard shapes to be fascinating.

“Their cuts are viewed as showy in popular culture now, but the typical groom is that way for a purpose. When poodles were used as working water dogs, their owners gave them a variation of the typical grooming we see today to preserve the joints and remove any extra hair so they wouldn’t weigh them down. Arnold is a new addition to my family, and I’ve already given him three trims and a weekly maintenance wash.

He will have the typical breed standard groom with all the pom-poms because we plan to exhibit him. Hopefully, he will make his forefathers proud!

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