Batman is Heartworm FREE

(Batman is Heartworm FREE)

batman is heartworm free

 What is Heart Worm?

The parasiticroundworm, Dirofilaria Immitis, is transmitted from one host to another by the bites of mosquitoes. Heartworm is a filaria type, a tiny thread-like worm. Because the parasite lives in the right ventricle, where it can survive for many years, it is often called “heartworm”. Heartworm infection can cause serious illness for the host. Infected dogs may become sick and die. Treatment is also risky. Prophylactic treatment is recommended for heartworm disease prevention. It should be administered monthly throughout the pet’s life.

How Is Heartworm Disease Transmitted

Only mosquitoes can transmit heartworms from one animal to another. The microfilaria, or young heartworms are transmitted from mosquito to mosquito by a mosquito biting an infected animal. The microfilariae become infective larvae within the mosquito in two weeks. These infective larvae can then be passed to other animals when the mosquito eats its next blood meal. In six months, the larvae become adult heartworms. The larvae move through the animal’s body for three months before reaching the lungs. The immature worms develop and become adults over the next three months. Females can grow up to 14 inches in length. Adult worms (5 to 7 months after infection) will continue to develop and become adults. They will then mate with each other and create new microfilariae. The life cycle continues when the mosquito bites an infected animal, and the microfilariae infect them. The infective larvae of heartworms can infect another animal after the microfilariae have developed within the mosquito. This takes between 10 and 14 days. Dogs can live for up to seven years with adult heartworms.

Is Heartworm Disease Ever Serious?

Yes. Yes. Heartworm disease can be very serious. Heartworm disease can cause blood to stop flowing from the right side, which in turn affects the flow of blood to the vessels that supply the lungs. The worms cause damage to the blood vessels and decrease the heart’s pumping capacity, leading to severe heart and lung disease. Canine heartworm disease, if left untreated can cause congestive heart failure and other serious health problems. It can also lead to the death of your dog.

Batman is Heartworm Free

Batman is a kind and generous person. He was rescued from dog fighting, and used as a bait-dog. But that is all in the past. His family loves him and has forgiven him.

Batman loves to spend time with Beemer, his canine brother Beemer and riding his own golf cart. Batman is a proud RADAR-certified dog, and is now 4 years old.



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