(Australian Shepherd Rescue Groom)-(Australian Shepherd Grooming)

(Australian Shepherd Rescue Groom)-(Australian Shepherd Grooming)

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The fascinating history of the Australian Shepherd is complicated. It was a descendant from long-ago herding dogs located near the Pyrenees Mountains. They were then transported to Australia to raise sheep on the open land. Finally, they ended up in California, where they were adopted into cowboy culture and rodeo performers.

This popular breed is loved for their intelligence and love. They are not suitable for couch potatoes as they love to be active and will try to herd any animal they come across. They make great companions if they are socialized early and properly trained.

The beautiful mottled, contrasting colours of red and blue make for a stunning look. Their beautiful coif is a highlight of their canine world. They have kind eyes and are very affectionate.

Here are some Australian shepherd grooming tips that will help you get there.

(Basic Grooming Tips)

It’s all about taking care of your Australian shepherd’s tresses. While they don’t require frequent trips to the groomers for their care, it is important to keep your Australian shepherd looking cute.

Brushing your Aussie is the best thing that you can do! This breed sheds a lot, so it’s crucial to remove dead hairs. It also stimulates the skin. A slicker brush combined with a long-toothed undercoat rake is the best combination. You should ensure that you go through all of the hair, but not irritate the skin of your dog.

(This breed is not to be shaved)

It can cause damage to the delicate balance of the hair. The coat insulates from heat and cold by keeping a layer of warm air near the body. If this breed is shaved, the coat might not grow back as well. You can’t stop your dog from shedding, but they will lose less hair if you shave them.

It is fine to bathe your Australian shepherd once per month. While you don’t need to bathe your Australian shepherd every other month, a clean and fresh-smelling dog is always appreciated.

(Australian Shepherd Hairstyles)

1. (The Minimal Trim)

Let your natural beauty shine! You may have to brush your hair more often to maintain those beautiful flowing locks. But it will be worth it once you are on the couch, snuggled up in that cozy coat.

australian shepherd minimal trim: doggrooming.guru

To keep things under control, you might consider buying a pair of thinning scissors (our friends at the Australian Shepherd Club of America recommend 42-46 tooth), as they will give you a natural look that isn’t possible with other trimmers.

Are you willing to spend the extra time each week to keep your pet’s fur clean and free of mats? This wonderful style may be a good fit for your Aussie.

2. (Teddy Cut)

This sweet style is slightly longer than the usual, but it softens the look by giving the hair a more round shape. This cut is best done with a size A snap-on hair comb (but you can use it in different sizes depending on your preference).

Australian Shepherd teddy cut: doggrooming.guru

Trim the body, sides and back of the head. To make the rear legs smooth and round, trim the paws so they look like a cat’s foot. Even cuter? To give the look of a stuffed animal inspired look, leave the backside slightly puffy.

3. (Simba Style)

This look is so simple, the name speaks for itself. This hairstyle is inspired by the Lion King’s glorious character. It keeps the hair short around the body and leaves the neck area soft and luxurious.

Australian Shepherd simba style: doggrooming.guru

Although it is not as popular as other styles, the Australian Shepherd’s amazing coat matches these jungle-inspired locks perfectly.

Whatever style you choose to groom your Australian Shepherd, you can be sure they will look elegant, smart, and sweet. And you’ll be satisfied if you find the right style to fit in with your family’s budget and time.

Just remember to always pay attention to the cues that your dog is giving you, and if something is causing them stress, then it may be time to find a different approach/hairstyle/groomer/etc. These grooming tips and hairstyle suggestions will help you jazz up your dog’s coif. Have fun clipping!


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