(5 Pomeranian Haircut Styles of Teddy Bear Lion and Fox Hair Styles for grooming)

(5 Pomeranian Haircut Styles of Teddy Bear Lion and Fox Hair Styles for grooming)

Are you looking for a change in your Pomeranian’s hairstyle? Here are some suggestions and advice from an expert on grooming.

5 pomeranian haircut styles: doggrooming

Pomeranians are cute, tiny fluff balls that are full of energy and spunk. They are the smallest of all the spitz AKA Nordic breeds and have not one, but two coats. Although it may seem like more work, Pomeranian fur is very easy to maintain. The best thing about Pom’s hair is the variety of styles they can sport!

Five Best Pomeranian Haircuts

Are you unsure which style is best for your Pomeranian? It’s okay. Your Pom can try many different haircuts, from cute and cuddly to fierce and bold.

1. Cute Teddy Bear Hair Style


This cute cut will transform your Pom into an adorable teddy bear. For extra snuggly appearance, the teddy bear cut gives your dog a round face and ears. Fido can have his coat cut to any length you like, as the focus is on his face.

2. Lion hair Style

The adventurous lion cut is a great way to hear your tiny Pomeranian roar. This look will make your Pomeranian’s neck, neck, chest and front legs appear long like a lion.

Lion hair style: doggrooming.guru

The fur on his body and tail, belly, back, hind leg, tail and stomach are shaved. If your Pomeranian is exposed to heat or cold, he will need to wear doggie sunscreen or a sweater.

3. Puppy Hair Style

The Pomeranian’s most beloved haircut is the puppy cut. This cut is cute and appropriate for active Pomeranians who love the sun. Similar to the teddy Bear cut, the puppy cut involves cutting the fur uniformly all over.

puppy hair style: doggrooming.guru

However, it doesn’t have the round face of the teddy bee option.

4. Fox Hair Style

Passersby will be able to tell if your Pomeranian is a Pomeranian by the adorable fox cut. By cutting the ears in a triangular shape, the fox cut gives your Pomeranian a more pointed face and ears.

fox hairstyle: doggrooming.guru

The tail is wild-looking and the rest of the fur is cut shorter.

5. Kennel Hair Style

The kennel haircut is a great option if you want a simple, low-maintenance cut for your Pom. The kennel cut keeps your pooch’s hair at a manageable length.

kennel hairstyle: dogogrooming.guru

You can make it as long or as short as you like. To test how easy it is, you could start with a longer length and then cut shorter as needed.

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How often should a Pomeranian be groomed?

You will have to ask yourself how often your pooch and you will visit the groomer with fur as soft as a Pomeranian’s.

Ani Corless, owner and operator of Luxury Groomer NYC says that dogs with any type of hair should be groomed every four to six weeks.

Corless recommends that this time period be followed due to the cycle of hair-growth and basic health. She adds that they will need to trim their sanitary areas for cleanliness and have their paw pads trimmed so that there are no slipping or knots.

Corless recommends that you keep your Pomeranian’s grooming especially in summer. Your groomer or you can inspect your dog’s skin during bathing. If necessary, remove ticks and other parasites.

Pomeranian haircuts for summer and winter

Pomeranians, like many other spitz dogs have a double-coated undercoat that acts as insulation and keeps them warm. The top coat protects the skin and protects the undercoat from harsh weather conditions.

It is important not to shave your Pomeranian during the summer. Corless they need to have a lot of fur in order to keep their body temperature regulated.

She says, “If you cut it too long, you compromise the insulation layer and the canine will overheat.” They are also susceptible to shave alopecia. Permanent hair loss can occur when the hair is shaved close to the roots.

Your Pomeranian will be able to sport any type of haircut if you take care of its skin and coat. To avoid sun damage, a Pomeranian with a shorter haircut should be kept moisturised and protected from the sun.

Corless explains that you have the option to make your dogs’ hair look longer in winter. Dry air is best, but be careful if they have wet hair. Brush, brush, and repeat with your dog.

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