(2023 Frozen Blueberry Dog Treats Recipe: Frozen Blueberry Dog Treats in 2023)

(2023 Frozen Blueberry Dog Treats Recipe: Frozen Blueberry Dog Treats in 2023)

2023 Frozen Blueberry Dog Treats Recipe: Frozen Blueberry Dog Treats in 2023– One of the healthiest treats you can offer your dog is blueberries. They have fibre, vitamin C, and antioxidants. These vitamins and minerals help the immune system and improve general health. This recipe is for you if your dog dislikes blueberries but you still want them to benefit from this wonderful fruit. This dish is loaded with health advantages and simple to create, even if your dog like blueberries.

2023 Frozen Blueberry Dog Treats

Frozen Treats Ingredients:

There are total 3 ingredients in this recipe for homemade blueberry dog treats: fresh blueberries, nonfat plain yogurt, and Native Pet’s probiotic powder. As previously discussed, blueberries are loaded with health advantages for your dog. Make careful to use a yogurt for this dish that is free of artificial preservatives and sweeteners like xylitol. Yogurt should not be used if your dog has lactose digestion issues. You may try using pumpkin, bone broth, or applesauce in place of the yogurt in this recipe. Finally, this recipe includes probiotic powder to further improve digestion and intestinal health. You only need a silicone mould and a blender for equipment! Amazon has silicone moulds for sale.

Making Packed Treats:

These tasty, healthful sweets are easy to make! No rolling pins, baking sheets, or cookie cutters are required. Simply combine the yogurt, probiotic, and blueberries in a blender. When everything is well combined, pour the liquid into a silicone mould and freeze it. You may make a nutritious treat for your pet by freezing it over night or until it is completely frozen.

These snacks can be provided as a delightful treat throughout the day or on special occasions, added to the dog’s food at mealtime, or both. It’s excellent for dog owners whose fussy pets shy away at the scent of blueberries. This blueberry treat for your dog should be a hit thanks to the Greek yogurt and probiotic in it!

2023 Frozen Blueberry Dog TreatsĀ Recipe:


  • One Pint, Blueberries,
  • One cup, Greek yogurt,
  • and three tablespoons Probiotic powder


  1. Blend the yogurt, blueberries, and probiotic powder in a blender until well combined.
  2. Fill the silicone mould with the mixture.
  3. Overnight freeze.
  4. Store for up to a month in the freezer.

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