(17 Famous Poodle Haircuts, Poodle Puppy Cut and Mini Poodle Haircut)

(17 Famous Poodle Haircuts, Poodle Puppy Cut and Mini Poodle Haircut)

The perfect haircut and professional advice will keep your poodle looking fresh, clean, and fierce.

The curly coat of the Poodle makes it one of the most popular dogs for those wishing to experiment with different cuts and haircuts. The soft coat and hypoallergenic quality of this dog make it one of the most sought-after dogs by groomers in addition to its remarkable intelligence.

Do you have a toy poodle, a mini poodle, a standard poodle, a giant poodle, or a cross poodle as a companion? We’ve seen 17 famous Poodle Puppy cuts at doggrooming.guru can perform miracles on your pet’s coat regardless of its size or colour.

If you are unclear how to cut them with scissors or thinning shears, it is always best to seek expert grooming. Continue reading to learn about the 17 most famous Poodle haircuts, including the Poodle Puppy Cut and the Mini Poodle haircut styles:

  1. Continental Cut
  2. English Saddle Cut
  3. Royal Dutch Cut
  4. Dutch Cut
  5. Puppy Cut
  6. Teddy Bear Cut
  7. Winter Cut
  8. Summer Cut
  9. Princess Cut
  10. Cupcake Cut
  11. Lamb Cut
  12. Modern Cut
  13. Bob Cut
  14. Jacket and Pants Cut
  15. Pony Cut 
  16. German Cut
  17. Lion cut                        

1- Continental Cut:

Poodle Puppy Cut

  • The continental cut is a beautiful and classic haircut that is frequently seen on poodle show dogs. Your poodle’s face, neck, feet, and a portion of the tail are shaved for this appearance. This style is distinguished by full hair on the rib cage and chest, fur pom poms on the tail, ankles, and hips, and a banded topknot on the head.

2- English Saddle Cut

Poodle Puppy Cut

  • The English cut is quite similar to the lion’s cut. The distinction is that the rear legs have an additional pompom, and the pelvic region is the same length as the chest. It still has the long ears and the body’s tight curls. It’s similar to a continental cut, but it enables more hair to remain on your poodle’s back.

3- Royal Dutch Cut

Mini Poodle Haircut: doggrooming.guru

  • The royal Dutch cut, also known as a banded Dutch cut, is distinct in that it requires shaving your poodle’s face, neck, and waist into a “band”-like shape and styling the remainder into a “poof” that will jump out.

4- Dutch Cut


  • The Dutch cut is a favourite in dog exhibitions and contests. Unlike the other designs, this one is for people who want a consistent look with no variation in the length of the dog’s coat. It is most notable for its tail, which finishes with a beautiful pompom. The British Kennel Club refers to this as the “sports cut” in the United Kingdom.

5- Puppy Cut

Puppy cut at doggrooming.guru

  • Most tiny dog breeds, such as the Yorkshire Terrier or the West Highland White Terrier, favour the puppy haircut. It is a popular haircut for tiny poodles, and it is easy to understand why: This haircut gives your poodle the appearance of a puppy. This style is not meant to produce a definitive or anxious appearance. The skin, on the other hand, should appear natural and fresh. According to the American Kennel Club, the tail should have a pompom.

6- Teddy Bear Cut

teddy bear haircut


  • Teddy bear haircuts are becoming increasingly fashionable among long-haired dog breeds. This finish should be done with scissors and needs poodle styling expertise. The hair should be left halfway down to show off the poodle’s curls. This gives it a smooth, rounded finish that gives it the appearance of a bear, as the name indicates. Make sure you know how often to bathe a poodle to keep its coat looking nice.

7- Winter Cut


  • If you live in an area with lengthy, harsh winters, you might want to adopt this simple and practical poodle hairstyle. To endure the elements and stay warm, your poodle must have long, continuous hair all over its body. This is not a show dog haircut, therefore it is not difficult to achieve. It’s a great first cut if you’re just learning how to maintain your poodle because it just involves basic cutting and style.

8- Summer Cut

Summer cut at doggrooming.guru

  • Many dog owners question if it’s a bad idea to trim their pets’ hair in the summer. Not all dogs should follow in the footsteps of the Poodle, a breed that is well-suited to a variety of haircuts and fashions. Summer is a hot season that causes your poodle to get dirtier than normal, especially if you take him to the beach or on a walk in the woods. As a result, giving him a summer haircut is a fantastic idea: it will keep him cool while also providing him with some intriguing aesthetic finishes, as seen below. Poodle winter haircuts tend to leave more hair on the dog to help insulate him from the cold.

9- Princess Cut

princess cut at doggrooming.guru

  • The princess cut emphasises the face as well, but employs the ears to give your poodle a “human-like” haircut that sticks out from the rest of the body. The remainder of the body is fashioned in the same way as a continental or Dutch cut, but the princess cut is a cute addition to your poodle’s look.

10- Cupcake Cut

cupcake cut at doggrooming.guru

  • This haircut is not well recognised, maybe because some individuals think it looks strange when done. Because of the exact hairdo, the muffin haircut is notable for leaving the ears perfectly rounded. Not every style includes poodle face haircuts to be that dramatic, but we believe it is pretty lovely. This poodle cut is particularly famous for the head shape, which finishes in a point and bears a striking resemblance to a delectable bun.

11- Lamb Cut

lamb cut Doggrooming.guru

  • The lamb cut has lately gained in favour, and it’s simple to understand why. It’s not only simple, but it gives your poodle a silky, lamb-like coat all over. If you want a fashionable yet easy-to-maintain trim for your poodle, the lamb cut is one of your finest alternatives.

12- Modern Cut

modern cut at doggrooming.guru

  • The modern poodle cut is most likely best suited to owners who like keeping up with the newest trends and attending dog shows. In certain regions, particularly in the United States of America, this is also known as the Scandinavian cut or the European cut. Attempt to create a precise and professional finish without going as far as the styles listed above. It’s a fashionable cut that’s also extremely natural. It follows the form of the body, accentuating the ears, tail, and head.

13- Bob Cut

bob cut at doggrooming.guru

  • The bob cut, like the princess and cupcake styles, emphasises your poodle’s hair and ears. The distinction here is that you style your dog’s head to look like it has a bob haircut. Allow your poodle’s hair on its head and ears to reach the same length to allow you to arrange it into a classic “bob” haircut.

14- Jacket and Pants Cut


  • The jacket and pants cut is one of the most distinctive poodle hairstyles. To do this, shave your poodle’s neck and stomach area, leaving hair on its legs and tail to resemble a jacket and a pair of pants. This cut is less common owing to the amount of hair you will have to shave off your poodle to obtain it, but it will surely make your poodle stand out!

15- Pony Cut 

pony cut at doggrooming.guru

  • The pony cut is a less popular poodle hairstyle that is self-explanatory. To create this appearance, your poodle’s hair is trimmed in such a manner that its neck, tail, and feet have significantly more hair than the rest of its body, like a pony’s mane. Some poodle owners take this cut a step further by purchasing reins or even a saddle to make their dog seem even more like a pony. However, it is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to do so.

16- German Cut

german cut at doggrooming.guru

  • Looking for a fancy but not too fancy haircut? The German trim employs the power of angles to create a sharp look for your poodle. The hair on your pet’s legs is left long, while the hair on his or her torso and ears is clipped short. This is an excellent choice not just if your poodle is more active, but also if your dog is prone to ear infections or matting.

17- Lion Cut

lion cut at doggrooming.guru

  • The lion’s haircut is one of the most well-known and spectacular poodle hairstyles. The dog’s limbs are hairless, with the exception of a pompom on the front and hind legs. The tail should be rounded, and the chest, stomach, and head should be hairy. It is the most often used haircut in dog contests and exhibitions, where it is sometimes referred to as the continental haircut.
  • The lion haircut’s intricate style is amazing, but it also requires a lot of time and work (not to mention skill) to do it correctly. Other breeds of dogs have lion cuts, such as the Shih Tzu, although they look vary according on the breed.


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