Showers and baths are important for maintaining the grooming of your dog’s hair and skin. Unfortunately, taking a dog in bath is a daunting challenge for both the dog groomer and the dog.



Many dogs don’t like bathing, so they siege in the house, rampage, and gargle. A dog that is quiet and anxious may fall asleep due to shock.

How can you minimize anxiety and dissatisfaction and make your bath enjoyable? In this article, both the bath that you put in the bathtub and the shower that flushes the water are referred to as “bath”.


Put your dog in bath-12 IDEAS

Brush carefully

Careful brushing before taking a bath is essential, especially for long-haired and curly-haired dogs. When it gets wet, it becomes easy to get entangled, and the entangled hair becomes difficult to unravel, and it takes a lot of time to dry and brush after bathing. It also makes sense to remove dirt that can be removed by brushing in advance.

Talk gently

What I want all owners to practice is to “speak gently.” It is important that you calm down first, rather than getting caught up in the dog’s pace and yelling “Be quiet!” Or “Calm down!”. Your dog, who loves you, should be able to hit things with much more peace of mind if you hear the gentle tone of “Iiko”.

Make the bathroom accessible on a regular basis

There is no correct answer in the place to take a bath, and the basics can be anywhere. I think it’s a bath for ordinary households. It’s a good idea to allow dogs to access the bathroom on a regular basis and leave a positive impression by playing and giving a guy there.

Prepare a small bath for small dogs and puppies

For puppies and ultra-small dogs, a bathroom or human tub may be too big and anxious. Try using a sink or a tub. It may reduce anxiety in dogs.


Make a device to prevent slipping

Gliding is a safety issue, and many dogs don’t like unstable feet. If the floor or bathtub in the bathroom is slippery, put a slip protection on it. Just laying a towel on the floor will help.

Keep the water at a comfortable temperature

Make sure the water temperature is comfortable before cleaning your dog. Don’t be too hot, don’t be too cold. Let’s keep the temperature that feels “warm water”.

Pay attention to your eyes and ears

Dogs’ eyes and ears are very sensitive, and many dogs don’t like getting water in their eyes and ears (some people like to swim but don’t like the shower on their heads … You can see how it feels ^^). Be aware that water in your ears can cause infections. Similarly, shampoos and other care products are not recommended to be placed in the eyes or ears, even if they claim to be safe.

Do not let the shower hit your face directly

 Start pouring hot water far from your head and gradually work toward your head. Don’t hit the shower directly on your face, and gently pour hot water to protect your ears and eyes.


Use dog products correctly

Use dog care products. Because humans and dogs have different skin pH, human products dry the dog’s skin and sometimes cause skin disorders.

Use care products correctly according to their usage. It is recommended to use it on the dog’s body after raising it with your hands so that it does not become uneven. Uneven coating can cause unrinsed skin, but if shampoo or the like remains on the skin, it can cause itching and infections. Rinsing is more important than shampoo. Please rinse thoroughly anyway.

Make a dry dog

After washing, have your dog do burn, and the series of rituals is over. Next, let’s start the drying ceremony to make the dog dry.

The first is towel drying, but at this point let the towel absorb the water. Investing in highly absorbent towels is a great way to reduce your dog’s bath stress levels.
Depending on the type of coat and the season, you may have the option of air drying. However, it is unavoidable to use a hair dryer for long-haired dogs and winter. A professional hair dryer used in a salon is ideal (good for both skin and hair), but of course it’s enough to share it with your family. Make sure the wind doesn’t get too hot and let it dry more and more.

Work with family and friends

This series of tasks is much easier and better for two people than for one. If one person plays the role of Baoding, the shampoo can be calmed down. It also saves time, so your dog’s stress level can be significantly reduced.

It’s easy for two people to capture the bathing appearance of their cute child in the camera. Even a bit of a painful event can be overcome well with 2 people + 1 animals.

Teach “Bath is fun!”

It’s also a good idea to combine the bath with the reward. Our cute dogs are cute guys who work harder than usual for rewards. Give a toy to a glutton, a special toy to a child who likes to play, and a special toy to a child who likes to play, such as a walk after a bath (let’s do it in a warm time).

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